Need suggestions (wiz)


don’t forget, if an Eternal item has even 1 socket on it, it can be crafted by putting a Myth stone on it. I wouldn’t mind getting an Eternal Unreal Hood with 100% Mythology on it. :smile:


An eternal hood with 20 to skull shield, command , necrotic etc would be very welcome


Dude xD its me agin what should i buy to start from my dust? Got about 2k


Save them to unlock ultra rare eternals from codex. Eg eternal fabled staff or unreal hood


Okey, ill start with aiming for one of those :stuck_out_tongue:


Or if you have lots of gold turn dust into eternals from codex then convert to ultra rare crystals. But its mega expensive


Or convert them into your favourite legends and take off affixes, add sockets, add mythic and over nice things


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made for player versus player using the same armour and crafted weapons. Hope it gives you ideas


I have begun to realize that DQ is about all the steps you take to get where you are going. when you are just starting, Dust can help you get the cheaper Legends that can help you boost your game play early. after that, in the middle stages of DQ, you are using Dust to get the Legends that will help you Ascend/farm/climb/PVP better. the middle stages of DQ is a long time, because this is when you learn all the cool stuff about how to play DQ better, and when you start getting good ideas about your own builds, or making builds that other people have made and shared on the Forums. in the later stages of DQ, Dust is used to help you get the Legend/Eternal Legends you need to make builds that other players want to copy, that monsters run in fear from, and that makes other PVP players say ‘Darn it, I can’t beat that Immortal Build that player has’.
just remember, the more you use Dust, the more gold you will need to get Dust and crystals/myth stones for all the crafting you are doing on the items you got with Dust.


Yep. Dungeon Quest was a bit different from each patches so the game got easier but also more steps to do. In general, yes that’s true.

Before ascensions though , patch 1.8 when I played, it took way longer to get to the building stage. Nowadays , its easier which is all the more good since you can explore the games potential and arguably more fun. Battle Arena was the one thing that excited me and kept me even longer but it’s not like the PvE wasn’t bad. There was a lot to do no matter what. Also before dust and stuff existed.


:laughing: I remember when Dust was introduced with 3.0. I was so excited, even though I wasn’t playing seriously. that was when I learned how important gold is when it comes to Dust. that is what gave me the idea for writing ‘Shadow of the Dev’s’.
when I read some of the old posts, I can’t help but wonder how anyone was able to play DQ when it first came out. it seems like it was pet rock kind of game, and now it is like a sports car kind of game.


Indeed. Well people had their ways of playing DQ from early days and I was one of them. Good that this game is more friendly to beginners than ever before though which is great.


Off topic I am thinking about a pacifist PvP build. Max block, dodge, strength,dexterity and intelligence. Redirect mythic with lots of reflect damage. Max life and resists. Manashield etc. Sound any good ?


Interesting. I think I might’ve faced some pacifist build which could’ve been an immortal or something.

Reflect. Well in higher leagues, reflect deals fairly low damage and people have really high damage reduction. Although block and dodge could work. Just that Flawless Victory trophy will make it trigger less .

HP. AR, resists and even strength/intelligence sounds like worth a try though as it does help. You can try overload, cerebral vortex , or anything that seems like it could work for the league.

Manashield is ok but of course mana shield isn’t really damage reduction. Its more like damage blocking and you’d have to prepare so you don’t lose it immediately or die. Manashield I have seen work alright with the barrage builds though because they focused on all damage on barrage.


How can i get those violet items? Im only a beginner i dont understand that much in this game. Please give me some tips


Myth stones in 4 socketed items. Look in codex under mythic :slight_smile:


Like fabled staff? Then ill just socket 4 of any mythstone? I cant get it. I already unlock fabled staff and crafted it, put 4 mythstone :sob:


Did you put the right stones in the right order ? It has to be a green eternal fabled staffeta :expressionless:


The one i crafted is legend, a red one. When i go to codex, mythics, the formulas are written like this. ???,???,???,??? How can i know the right order? I tried to craft and put mythstones twice :sob::sob::sob:


@Marky Mythic Recipes. first, do a search in the forums, there is a list somewhere. when you place a myth stone in a socket, or convert/salvage the myth stones, there is a chance that part of a mythic recipe will be revealed. the ? will be changed to Abyss, for example. if you have extra myth stones you don’t use, put them in items that have sockets to get chances to get the recipe’s. that is the cheap way, but slow. if you convert/salvage your myth stones, you can do more than 1 at a time, to increase your chances of getting parts of the recipe’s revealed. this way is faster, but costs gold. the higher the tier of the myth stone, the more gold it will take.
also, placing the stones in sockets and converting/salvaging help you with those feats for Hero Points. but remember, only convert/salvage enough stones to get to what you need to complete the feat, anything over the amount you need is not counted towards the next feat, and is wasted that way, but you still get the chance for the recipe.
one last thing, when salvaging, 1 higher stone becomes the next lower stone, but if you are converting, doing a lower stone to higher, it is 2 lower stones to get 1 of the next higher stone. only the stone you converted to gets counted, not the 2 you converted. so if you salvage 100 Mentor, you would get 100 Hero, and 100 chances to have part of a recipe revealed. if you converted 100 Mentor, you would get 50 Protest, and only 50 chances to have part of a recipe revealed. and it works the same for the use Myth stone feat.
on a last note, the crystals work the same way as far as salvaging/converting for the use Crystal feat.
hope this helps.
@dickwad mana shield doesn’t really reflect damage. any one who hits the mana shield takes 200% OH damage, modified by the mana shield Skill. if you use the redirect mythic with reflect damage, dodge, and block. the enemy will take the OH mana shield damage if they hit the shield, or MH damage if you dodge, block, or the damage gets through your mana shield and actually hits you. they don’t stack.
I have thought of doing a build like this. I think it would be great to not do much, and the monsters kill themselves against my superior laziness. :sunglasses: