Need suggestions (wiz)


Thank you very much. I really appreciate it!!!


Cheers golem. That idea is now scrapped :blush:


I think the reflect damage with redirect mythic + dodge/block is a good idea. add arc dodge for more firepower. the problem with the idea is that with mana shield, it would need a lot of mana to buff the shield, + those 2 Talents. and a lot of all resist, as that will help your shield because of that one Talent. and mana regen/leach. a really tricky build.
you would have to put a lot of affixes into helping the shield, but if you take the shield out of the equation, the rest of the build would be easier to work with.


I was thinking cyclone mythic because you just spin like an idiot without casting any offensive spells


:laughing: x 10.


Just got a fabled Staff wich myth combo should i use? Apocaly? And I got a working skullshield build should i use it on that build? And got load of crushing blow % is it bad? Think i Lose on other affixes ^^


Before you do anything use peridot to get it level 100. Mythic word depends on the character style of play. After putting in the mythic word in then use topaz to enter 4 more affffixes


If your staff is maxed to 100 then the results should be perfect. You can only add affixes once so if you mess up then buy a clean eternal fabled for 350 dust from the codex. I use apocalypse for the summonses


Okay I’ve tried it and peridot doesn’t work


Peridot works except on eternals of course or if you already got max level . Also I remember it was possible to downgrade level using peridot but that was removed long ago since it didn’t seem intended. I think you may have knew that?


No. How bizarre :slight_smile:why would anyone want to downgrade :neutral_face:


Ascension build. That’s what I did to make an easy level 20 ascension build or so for quick exp reasons but it wasn’t super necessary. Just quick.

Edit:Anyway I think its possible to make level 20 ascension build for being level 20 for quick exp gains with dust buying now and using quests , solo farm on a certain floor with packsize like 101 if it can handle it.


The fabled Staff Cost about 4k dust for me :s


unlocking an item from the Codex costs a lot the first time, if you haven’t found it yet. after you unlock the item, or have already found it, it is cheaper than the unlock cost. Eternal items cost a lot more than the Legend items, in Dust.




Is it dumb to use ruby instead of topaz? Trying to make some lookalike ur farm build just need hero for apoc xD


Use both.