New features ? New GAMEMODES ? Lack of FEATURES?

I see this game almost a year ago and nothing has really change since I played it. I know its hard to add features in game like this because you have to balance the item ,the combat system,etc but I hole i really hope that you add more features thanks and congrats to you guys.:grinning::grinning::tada::tada:

Merry Christmas​:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::confetti_ball:
Happy new year​:tada::tada::sparkles:

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Yeah I think the last major intro to the game was the Battle Arena. This game has a lot of potential and gives a solid good playing experience. I’d really like it if there were different music tracks personally. I just mute the sound atm cause it’s become monotonous


Yup and now they tend to.focus on vanities instead of new content. And they add some affixes that are not even use by most of all players like. Inferno bonus requiring 4 set of inferno. Druidic bonus, perma bonus and a lot more… this game can easily be best of the best if they add some new content

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Yeah :joy::joy: even the pvp sucks, because its not a pvp at all they just pick random account and controled by a com? Like what the fu!! pvp? Its not pvp at all


(this is simply a post to let you know we as developers are not ignoring your posts…not intended to defend our current development efforts…just letting you all know we hear ya)

Vanity items are a low “impact” area in which we can add content. We don’t have to balance test new vanity items and we don’t have to worry about them breaking gameplay mechanics.

Some are pay (real money) and some are free (battle arena, special “theme” versions) so I like to think (just my opinion here) that we strike a “decent” balance as far as they go.

As far as entire new content goes, we get that complaint/request/comment/feedback a lot really. In our reviews, in our facebook messages, here on the forums, twitter, and our various email addresses.

We have a finite number of resources on our end. We have talked about this in the past as well but we only have 1 developer who does engineering (read coding) on DQ and 1 artist (they makes EVERYTHING you see in the game).

To give you an idea the Battle Arena game mode (love it, hate it, whatever your feelings) took nearly 6 months of development time (including testing, coding, arting, etc etc) for us to release.

It is no secret that we are working on another title which we hope we can share info about soon as well.

We are burning the candle at both ends here with the work we do to update Dungeon Quest as often as we do (roughly every 4 weeks) and working on the other projects we have at SB. This may not be the content updates that every player wants to see, but we are doing what we can to make sure we can support the game and community.

We are extremely E X T R E M E L Y grateful for all the support our community has shown us over the last 4 years and we feel a huge sense of responsibility when it comes to making products we think our community want to play. Our mission has been and always will be to make games WE would want to play. Part of that is sharing in the process of making these games with our community in order to make sure we can make our games the best they can be.

When you see what we have been cooking up we think it will be evident that it was cultivated from what our players have told us they want time and time again.

As always thank you for sharing your honest and candid feedback, and thanks for playing DQ!!


Thanks for the reply, good luck and thank you to all the developer who keep making this game wonderful as always, keep it up guys. :grin::grin::tada::tada::confetti_ball:


@tdaniel we really enjoy the game specially the pve offline mode. The arena is great and ders a lot of room to improve. Ive played tons of rpg games including pc games i can easily say that this game is one of my top5. Best rpg game ive played. And hands up to the support team for doin so great taking fast action to resolve ingame issues. Its just that this game lacks new contents “we can really understand that it takes a lot of work to put on a new content” and some affixes are not realy worthy of.building. its realy sad that a game as good as this has only 1 developer and 1 artist i think this game deserves more people and focus. Overall to the game and dq team are both doin amazing job providing players an amazing experience being part of this game. Keep it up. I hope our ideas could be atleast be of help to you guys for all of ur future updates.

Just wanna add. This is one of the best game forum i have ever been.


We’re working on it :slight_smile:

Over the next few patches we’re (along with the testers) focusing on some of the unused/unloved spells, hero skills and talents, and then will move back to balancing sets and affixes.


Shinybox is overall a very small company. When I joined first the testing team, many of the Devs had to work other jobs to support themselves and the company (Shinybox is entirely self funded). Thanks to the support of players like yourself and many others, more devs can concentrate on Shinybox full time! So a great big thank you!

I am sure the devs will eventually make new content. There is a lot of content they still want to add to the game. As seen from the time it took to just add Battle Arena, it just takes quite a bit of work to add new content.


@Clogon and @SteigerBox thank you for always working hard we really appreciate all the effort dq team :wink: advance happy xmas guys :smile:


this again -_-

but lets face the truth your right but some people neglect the fact that they are a small group *THEY NEED MORE SUPPORT!!!

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DQ is pretty amazing just as it is.

If peeps want sweeping major changes, maybe wait for Devs to release their upcoming masterpiece. :wink:

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These two deserve a raise :o


@tdaniel can you share some info on this new title yet? :pray:

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new title nice :smiley:

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Sounds like it could be DQ2. That makes me very excited to hear. Maybe Shinybox could take on a couple un/low-paid interns to streamline things with DQ while they focus on new content

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Let me talk with the team here and see what we can do!

Its not like we are trying to “hide” anything but one of the things we have to be careful about is showing gameplay before it is ready.

If we do not show off something that looks polished and “good” it can REALLY hurt you (the game) in the long run. We have learned this lesson a few times and is the reason we are hesitant to show off the “new hotness” this early.

Believe me, we want to scream about it as loud as we can but we also have to be hones with ourselves when it comes to how important player reaction is to new games/content. We will show it off, but we want to make sure its awesome when we do!

Thanks for calling me out on that post btw :wink: I appreciate you keeping me in check!!


How everyone is saying, DQ is one of the best games out there, for sure. I play since it’s release, and even if I stop for a while to test other games, or for any other reason, I aways come back… The only app I never uninstall… This game is amazing, the mechanics, the craft, farming, how clear things are with the codex, not hard at all to understand the game, but a huge path till master it. If you keep those aspects and do some graphic improve and some adds like classes and a better online play, you wouldn’t need anything else.

Edit1: that would be a tip: definitely keep those aspects. They are unique, and I guess they are the major reason why everyone loves it. There are no other game like yours in the market. We don’t have the “Oh, just one more (any game) copy.” felling.


@tdaniel This game has been a great single player for a while.
I think it should be more introduced to more multiplayer capabilities. Battle Arena is okay, but think about how much more players and people it would bring if it was multiplayer. Completing feats can keep you busy only for so long. I also think some more floors would be nice. There is also lack of npc’s. Perhaps random merchants or people that give quests that only progresss with your level/floor. There should be more things to do.

Then again, maybe the lack of these ‘features’ is what makes the game different and more simple than other games. Anyways, don’t over think :wink: