New frozen ice warrior update

I’ve updated my ice warrior now doing 500m to 3.5b dps, if anyone can help my gear with any tweaks let me know. I’m not looking to survive as much as I am dps, I have trouble with mythic and eternal slavers on maps 500+ because I die in one hit but I can kill them especially with storm.

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Thanks for sharing :handshake: @Mikeb120

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remake your Frightening Choker to have Sanctuary instead of Specialist. as one of the Mod’s said in one of their posts, dead Characters don’t do DMG.

you didn’t show your Pet, but it should have at least +30% Weaken, +75% Crit DMG, and +10% Dodge. the other three are up to you. with your Shield, you have +10% Block. you also have a base +10% Dodge. with +10% Dodge on Pet, you now have +20%. if you have 20 Skill Points in Dexterity, you would have a total Defense of +10% Block, +30% Dodge, and Sanctuary. as some Mod said in another post, if you aren’t getting hit, you aren’t dying, and if you aren’t dead, the monsters will soon be dead. and the extra Weaken & Crit DMG, well, that is just more DMG!.

Dexterity 20 also gives you +10% Movement. if you have the Ruby’s, try to get a Movement +15% on the Shield, that extra 0.8% could make a big difference. better movement means you can get out of the way of attacks better, and more DMG with Momentum!.

if your battles with Legend & Mythic monsters are taking a long time, you might not have any Gold on the Ground to activate Adventurer Set for extra DMG & Movement. if you are using KnightsCharge to do most of your DMG, replace Adventurer with another Set and put a Special Skill on your OH that gives extra Movement Speed. I use Stealth for extra Movement and Defense on my Wizard. the Movement boost is constant but Stealth only lasts a few seconds.

a Crystal Deadly Strike might be better than using Crushing Blow, and I don’t think Inferno Set works with Ice Weapons. get Demonic instead. maybe find a Lance with +200% WD, this will make the +300% Ice on the other Items more powerful. or keep Crushing Blow to lower enemy health fast and put Demonic on the Shield, so DMG is doubled when enemy Health is 25% or lower.

if you are wondering why +200% WD. a 1000 DMG weapon with +100% WD is 2000 DMG. with +400% Ice is 10,000 DMG. 1000 DMG weapon with +200% WD is 3000 DMG. with +300% Ice is 12,000 DMG. as you know, +ED is added after ED%.

if you need more defense, replace the WD% on the Shield with +10% Dodge or the +5000 Ice on Lance with +10% Dodge. or both if you are really sick and tired of dying. or you could do +10% Dodge on OH and +5000 WD on MH instead of +5000 Ice. the WD is increased by Ice%, but the +Ice isn’t. with the extra Dodge, maybe up to +40%, Pathfinder might be a good addition to the Build for more DMG & Damage Reduction, or Rage for more Armor & Crit DMG.

Ok also crit dmg is maxed at 360 so I dont need the pet to have the extra dmg

I’ll post an update soon with ur recommendations to see if it worked better

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Wait why wont inferno work it simply says add elemental dmg that’s all it doesn’t specify the element so I assume it is working I literally tried so many different warrior affixes and always had minimal outcomes I’m interested in applying a 200percent weapon dmg lance with 100 ice dmg and glasscannon push the limit and using a different afix for my shield I need to further my dps with ice and dmg by finding the right gear from a different class the reason I’m stuck is because i havent tried messing with other jaspering that much if I did I’m sure I can max wt 15b+ it will take awhile is there a build that someone has that made it perfect like a build that cannot be maxed anymore like what’s the max dps you can do can someone do 500b dps or what

ok, in the Inferno Description it says Increase ED +10% for ? Weapons. DoT speed +10% for 4 seconds with ? attacks. in the space after ‘for’ and ‘with’ there should be a :fire: emblem. this question came up before and the Dev’s have said that for some reason the Element emblem isn’t showing up properly in the Set Descriptions. hopefully this is something that will be addressed by our very helpful Developers :man_scientist::woman_scientist: besides, you would want to use Permafrost on an Ice Build anyways, it gives +15% Ice per Rank compared to +10% Fire per Rank for Inferno.

there are no Weapons with both +200% WD & +100% ED. and they can’t be rolled with Ruby either.

do a Search :mag: for DPS Builds and see what has been posted. some players post their high DPS and the Builds for getting the high DPS. one thing you will read is that not everything is counted towards DPS on the Stat Page, so the DMG/DPS you actually see in the game could be lots higher than what you see on the Stat Page. because of changes in the game over time, some of the older Builds, like from around 2016 or 2017 and earlier, might be either more powerful or less powerful than what is possible today. I think it is possible for Builds to get up into the 100’s of Billions to Trillions DMG without even using Crushing Blow. I’ve gotten up to the 10’s of Billions DMG with an Ice Storm Wizard Build. can’t remember if I got into the low 100’s of Billions, it has been a long time, and I don’t think I have the items anymore.

I have been thinking of a Haunted Halloween Ice Build for Wizard that should do crazy DPS, just need to write it out and see which items I need and what affixes can actually fit in the spaces available. and I have also been thinking of how to make it compatible with Rogue and maybe Warrior.

the concept for the build is Michael Jacksons song ‘Thriller’ and an elemental monster from D&D that inhabits ocean storms in groups that attack ships at sea and coastal towns & cities.

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Ty man

I can hit 10b now but it isnt with optimal gear I have a couple changes I want to make. I want to get 100 percent push the limit and a few more things like one bonus that gives 100 percent DMG increase

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I’ve made improvements now doing even more


keep up the good work.

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The damage :heart_eyes:

Thank you guys I made even more progress also, once I finish adding my epiphany pieces and get everything situated exactly how I want it I should be pulling 100b dmg I hit a 35b earlier and that’s without the stuff I’m going to add

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I recently got this also :slight_smile: but I’m wanting an eternal ice pet to really smash in


Here we go 1b dps

and no this is not with a power alter either I can post one with that though it would be more


Here’s 1.7b with the alter


I hit 84b today on some skeleton lol

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If I could figure out a way to use this hatchet instead of my shield to get that barbarian and then switch my helmet to epiphany I could do almost 140 percent more dmg