New Green Garden Build Patch 3.1

Sorry guy’s it took a while since there was a blackout in my area but I will be sharing my Green Garden build now and showing the damage results.

Couldn’t upload video because it says error :confused: but I took a picture of the highest damage dealt in the video.

I’ll probably try to explain the build and how it should be used efficiently but for now I need to charge my phone because I don’t trust this blackout😆.

Here’s the other damages from the video as well


nice. those are some really good numbers.

I was just thinking right now that if you’re not satisfied with Shadows Set, maybe try Identity Set. it increases damage of non-class skills by +12.5% per Rank, which means +62.5% more damage for Twister. and it can be rolled with Amethyst.

So I did some testing, and I don’t think glasscannon, barbarian, balance, and pathfinder are needed with this build. I got rid of the affixes that boost my damage, and this build can still kill enemies, I even got rid of multi attack, so what I think is doing those crazy damage is the poison cloud using the Shadow set. So the Shadow set makes enemies that is poisoned detonate and when enemies detonate they would not be poisoned anymore so you can poison them again and have another chance to spawn Poison Clouds which means more poison clouds = more damage. I don’t know how is the detonation damage calculated but I tried testing it in the practice match (test dummy) but I still don’t know how to calculate it since there’s a cap in stats so it’s really hard. I feel like the formula is (Damage Dealt x 0.1 x 8 + 20%) but this formula is probably like 99% wrong. So yeah Shadow Set is a must to spawn more Poison Clouds and the damage from the detonation feels like its really good but not sure about it.

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Poison DoT lasts 8 seconds. there is a 25% chance for each DoT tic to cause an explosion from Shadows. +100% damage for each second left in Poison DoT. if there is an explosion in the 3rd tic, there is 5 tics (5 seconds) to go, with gives +500% damage explosion based on the Poison DoT damage. I think the explosion has a chance to cause Toxic, so what it looks like is a controlled version of the Toxic Bug from the early days of DQ.

I think Shadows is doing OH Damage since Stealth is an OH Skill, and if you are using Stealth Proc, then it would be doing MH damage. but this is just a guess on my part.

this would be great for killing mobs.

dang, I want to make a Poison Shadow Wizard really bad right now! I have a Pet with Stealth on it, maybe I need to Craft a Poison Shadow Wizard with it really soon!

the one time I did a test with Shadows Set, I froze my screen.

Imagine if you have a hireling😶

I could not imagine you have a super long number of billion damage … my damage higest does not reach even 1B. You’re solo character right ? i’m doing solo as well with Wizard. When i reach high enough to have Shadow set I will try this build with Wizard to see if it produces such a big damage like you.

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You could perhaps replace all of those HP regens with something else…crit chance, crit damage and crushing blow for instance.

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those are there mostly for the Druidic Set. I usually just use Plagued when I want lot’s of Poison Damage, but using Druidic can really boost Poison DoT Dmg.

the number which we see in the screen is not trilion → it’s is trilion trilion trilion damage. how could it be ???

Ahhhh, i didn’t notice the druidic set.

Very nice build, I may craft a version for my floor climbing duo. Getting bored with my current fire and ice builds.

And I think you’re right, glasscannon and other damage affixes may not be needed here, I might try it with more movement speed, and perhaps mercenary and execute affixes.

Cheers, thanks for the post.

does everyone see trilion trilion trilion damagr or only me? i am climbinh to 1000 for trying this shadow build on my eizard as well

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What is bigger septillion or quintillion?

Now, after a trillion, there comes a number known as quadrillion, and then we have other numbers following it. These numbers are quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion.

found this… that one number is sextillion… 21 0’s, and that’s normal damage… imagine it there was max crit damage!.. 5x normal damage!

so many build combinations with affixes & elements. I’ve been considering a Discordance & Living Force Multi-Whirling Blades Celestial Arcane w/ Bleed build.

i am almost on 900 floors. I hope i reach 1000 soon for shadow set then i will build this :smiley: in my wizard


i’m concerning about this build on Wizard. Do you think it works the same way? In Wizard it does not have 10% bonus Dodge from Rogue so probably Stealth does not really work. What do you say ?

Hello guys, this is my version. I know my legend affixe are not perfect but i pick equipment already with the set and elemental damage to economize my ressources. Since 3 weeks i reload my game to have strong eternal pets and every 3 hours i try a new build. So, this build is already deleted and it is just a test.
It has really good damage even against only one enemy. I hit between 3 and 90B on single enemy. Between 500 and 50 000 B with 5 or more monsters on cloud but damages we can see are only seen for 1s on cloud. I can’t even stack my damages because enemy die almost instantly xD

I have tried Warrior Runner with Frozen, Arcanist, Ascendant, Mercenary, Demonic and 300% execute. I have seen X00 000 000 000.000 B, funny

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@Deathbro thanks a lot for image I like the damage at least it’s stronger than mine. i sometimes doing 3 hours reset but not so often because I like to continue playing to much :smiley: :smiley: .

I reach 1000+ with Skullshield Crushing Flames Build easily and this build still keeping kill all mobs at no-times. But the damage is around 5B because it’s crushing blow build so. i’m not sure.

I don’t have so much dust but i will try to savage dust right now to unlock on Codex or I eventually have it with 1000+ farming. I just playing this game recently so still a lot of things to learn. For now i’m just following the build on forum and I hope some days in the future I can create my own build :slight_smile:


Rogue is the only Class that can get PermaStealth Build.

all Classes start with +10% Dodge. Warrior also starts with +10% Block from having Shield OH Equipped.

Rogues get extra Dodge when putting Stat Points into Power.

one of my current Wizard Builds, I think it’s my Floor Climber, uses Stealth with Stealth 20 (2 All Skills +5 on Weapons and Stealth +10 on Pet). I use it when getting attacked by mobs. I also have Pathfinder Set to make use of the extra Dodge getting doubled when I activate Stealth.

don’t forget, building up your dust requires lot’s of Gold.

Thanks @golem. I just realize the problem that I can’t have max 40 Steath skill but i’m happy that Stealth 20 still working. I have not finish building this build yet but i’m almost there. The ONLY thing missing here is I use Druid OH instead of Shadows OH and let have a guess, the build is almost nothing creating any damage.

So I think @Lunox is right (I will confirm when i finish the build should be in few days I need to either have enough Dusts or can unlock at 1000+ i’m already in 1005 floor) the Shadows is really everything in this build.

So let see in the end :smiley:

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shjt … I made a big mistake … i create Ephany ring in Wizard … and I don’t think I can have skill Stealth +1 in Wizard ring :frowning: :frowning:

Shjt I have to recreate the ring correctly in Rogue :frowning: … this is so big the ring already cost a lot of resources … now it’s wrong ring type :frowning:

Skills from other Classes can only be upgraded with +All Skills or +10 Other Class Skill on Pet. you can’t put a Classes Skills or Talents on other Classes.

a Rogue or Warrior who wanted Twister +20 would need 2 +5 All skills on both Weapons and Twister +10 on Pet.