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I did a search and really couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Can someone assist me on describing exactly what these do?

Emerald - I know it changes the quality, but what good does changing the quality ACTUALLY do? I tested this on a couple Legend items with “-” quality and upped it to “+” quality. Didn’t seem to affect it at all.

Beryl - What does “Itemize ““Nature””” mean? What is the nature of an item? Axe to Sword? If it does change an Axe to a Sword, does it keep the same stats and abilities?

Citrine - What is the talent it randomizes? The skills or stats? I guess, what is considered a “talent” on the item…

Jasper - I only have two of these so I don’t want to test this and waste a stone. I pretty much think it means change a rogue item to a warrior. (I Hope. If not correct me) but my question is; if it DOES make a item from a rogue to a warrior, does it change the abilities and skills? Example. I have a rogue bow that does guideshot. If I change the class, does it become a warrior bow with guideshot or does it change it to a random axe hammer etc.?

Amethyst - I only have one. what is a random set affix? Is is the green stat?

Obsidian - Same as amethyst. Only have one. What is a crystal affix? the green one? Purple? Blue?

Thanks for your time. IF this is covered in another thread already, my apologies and could you please link the thread so I can research. :smile:

Knuts - Warrior / Mage

This may help lil bit.


Emeral-boost item quality max at 25% boosting quality of item makes the affix easier to perfect roll,

Beryl-change nature, each nature have effect like death gives you 5% crit chance. Just look at codex then nature for more info.

Citrine- changes talent of item look at your stat there offensive .defensive. talent. allstat and ranks

Jasper-changes item class example rogue to warrior, and it helps you to get green affix that on certain class can have, for example you are rogue and you want to get momentum(green affix exclusive only for warrior) then jasper 1st to warrior then use amethyst,

Amethyst - random green affix

Obsidian- blue/crystal affix

This is all i can help, hope it helps :))

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Kcellvirus and BAGIS.Ph.

And this sounds like it is going to be awful tedious farming all the items I am going to need to obtain my end game gear lol. Not looking forward to this.

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I was about to post that picture as well lol
Well done, mate :slight_smile:

To be more clear, Quality also boost AR on head/chest/ring/pendant and DMG on MH/OH weapon
1% Quality = 1% AR (or DMG)

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Thanks Vil. :thumbsup:


Here’s a couple more pics from the forums to help. (Not necessarily what you asked, though.)

Left is Salvage. Right is Convert. “X” is keep.

And this is a guide to which items that a Jasper is used on will change to. :smiley:
Good luck!

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Actually that does help alot. Thanks Skaul.

If anyone knows, on the first picture that skaul posted, if I understand correctly, the X crystals are definite keepers, and the arrows are of some use but will often be converted / salvaged to the nearest X. If that is correct, then the bottom arrows are clear enough, but what exactly is going on with the first 3 arrows? Thanks in advance

One of the ways to get higher level crystals is through the feat for converting/salvaging crystals. The bottom three crystals you just convert and salvage over and over until you run out, because the cost to convert/salvage 500 of them is cheaper than the cost to buy random rare crystals and cheaper than the cost to convert them all the way up to other useful crystals. At least, that is my understanding (I have neither done nor seen the math).

Thanks HarleyM. Just recently found pretty much your answer when I read through all the comments of the original post with that picture.
Trying to find as much information as I can on crafting and stuff. A lot of build guides (such as the Blightbog rogue bow guide I am eyeing) seem to be aimed at fairly veteran players, not mentioning much about how to craft certain affixed onto items, or what the base item looked like even.

And I have yet to find a novice oriented farming guide for a rogue, since I assume first I’ll need to farm up a lot of crystals and the proper items for the big hitting builds.

Blightbog is the best farming build for me haha you can use cheap affix for it if you dont have the other affix

I’m a rather new player and have had a lot of the same issues. I feel like there is no real noob-friendly guide. There are LOTS of posts that say “do what you enjoy”, but that is utterly unhelpful to someone looking to reach competitive levels, as some builds are clearly much more effective than others. Some of the seemingly “best” builds, like Green Garden, don’t work until you are able to have them near perfection. Other guides say things like “just max your luck”, but if you do that, you end up with a character that can’t kill a thing. And all guides say to get +4 to sets, but getting even one Elixir Mythstone, let alone 2, seems incredibly far away.

I’ve found a number of legendaries that seem like they could be good starts to a workable farming set, Like Havoc and Plaguebringer, but the crystal cost to even test a build is terrifying. As a result, I have Nadroji, Crystalline, Mythical, and Eternalized just sitting in my stash because I am afraid to “ruin” them.

Totaly agree with you !
But i guess it Will take some Time to understand all the link behind a build.

I guess we have to plan an entire build : predict what item and affix you want Before even thinking trying to craft an item just to see how it goes

The other difficult thing is even when I look at the wiki to see what affix Larimar can put on gear, I don’t know which of them can appear on which slots :frowning:

You will get more. I can’t tell you how many I have got in the past few weeks of playing an converted them. Also you want to be competitive but you want to do it quickly as possible. The issue there is that u are not learning anything if u are making or attempt to making someone else’s build. Understand the game fully An you will become competitve. Or you could wait till 2.1 . Myself I’m here more then playing simply be cuz I want to learn. An I learn New stuff everyday.

HarleyM I am right there with you.

I have read to keep loading up on certain skills for your Farming Build but that leaves me short in the healing and damage. If I load up on damage and healing, it leaves me short on the luck, item drop, and gold department. Finding the right balance between skills for my Farming Set is what I am trying to do now. As always, I am constantly tweeking my PVP Set.

What do you mean by appear on which slots?