New player and new to the forums

Hey guys, so I am fairly new to Dungeon Quest, loving it so far. Almost level 40 right now. Looking for a few people who may be able to lend me some advice and stear me in the right direction.

I will upload some pictures of my stats, what I have equipped and what is in my bags that I feel is important.

Thanks in advance

Sadly it would only let me load 1 picture per post. Wanting to maximize my DPS and make sure I still have MP and HP regen per hit is how I’ve been doing it so far.

My biggest advice for now would be too hang out here and check stuff out and just play for now this game is so so SO long and in depth that right now the best thing you can do for yourself is run around and just play ignoring what we have too say take the time too familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and play style and then start asking for serious help a little later :smile:


I’m a pretty quick learner. Been gaming since I popped out of the womb lol. Doing a little reading here and there as I have time. I like the one pistol build someone posted in one of the other sections. I would like to do something like that.

From what I hear, you can craft your own weapons and armor?? Own mythics?? Curious how this is done? I am a free player and don’t spend money, so I understand things will take longer and I’m OK with that.

Just wanting to get the best DPS, DMG that I can. I love the Pistols first and the Chakram are my second favorite.

I completely agree with what Griffin wrote.

I would highly encourage you to get a hireling of a different class if you’re able (Wizard or Warrior). I would also highly encourage making a hunter ring as soon as you’re able. Farming and luck pay huge dividends. These are things I wished I had done early on when I started playing DQ.


What do you mean by make a hunter ring?? Elaborate?? And how would you recommend I farm?? What floors and so on??

Take a few minutes to look at what @Skaul has compiled. His information is very useful. The game has a lot of depth and it isn’t pay to win. Skaul put together farming tips. The Hunter ring is a mythic. You will have a better frame of reference after you follow the link below.

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Alright, awesome, thank you. Will check it out. I appreciate the help and replies thus far


My information is very useful.


Reckon so.

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Very useful information that I have seen in there so far. Still trying to figure some things out though. So if one of you have a little time to clarify here and there. That would be great

I do have a few questions and things I want to work on and make.

My first question is where do I run into the Mythics to create the Hunter ring?? Or where do I run into the ones I use to break down into the ones I need for it??

Is there a way to convert gear from other classes into gear for myself so I can make use of their effects?

I want to make a Hunter ring for farming, I also want to make a badass pistol and armor set for freeze, HP and MP recovery all in one. Is there any way to do that?

I’m going to include a step-by-step guide soon in my guide…
People would be able to find use in it, it seems.


I am certainly glad to help.

See the link before for Mythics.

You can use the Crystal Stone Jasper to convert another classes item to the class you need.

Check out the link below for a badass pistol build.

I reckon I might need my braaaaand new car. Throw that in also.


I reckon you’re gonna be the death of my visits.


Thank you so much for the help I appreciate it. I want to delve in and make this game something I love. I have been playing EverQuest on the PC for 20 years now and I’m 26 now. So I really make a game something I dig into when I do it.

For sure Skaul, would love to see the step by step. Can’t wait for it. I got a lot of work and research to do

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I saw a pistol build earlier on the forums somewhere where this guy was doing insane damage. In the millions and was firing like 12 bullets at a time. That was cool.

Also, how so I hire another class without spending money?? I’m poor lol. And I only deal in cash, so no bank account. No credit cards

Bwaha. I thought I might have to get Bob Barker after you. Keep up the great work Skaul!!

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