New player and new to the forums

I am glad to help. I tend to stay with a single game for a very long time as well. I have been playing DQ for a year now but others have been playing for two years longer than myself.

There are so many possibilities with three classes, 42 affixes (36 you control with 6 from your pet) and tons of time. The developers have done a magnificent job with this game and the forum is full of people who are extremely helpful.

Give me a shout if I can assist.

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Will do for sure. I’m just having s hard time figuring out where the mythstones are that I need to make the Hunter ring. I am on act 4 floor 42 or something like that.

I need to figure out exactly which stones I need, which gear and what floors they drop on and just farm, farm, farm

Oops, Act 1 Floor 44

Thought I was on a higher act due to the maps I find and open lol

When you get the chance, would love to know which floors I need to be on to get the stuff for hunter ring. Thanks in advance

The mythstones and crystal stones will drop as items when you are playing. You can look at the mythics link I provided yesterday to see which stones you need to collect to make the ring. Everything is Random Number Generated (RNG) so don’t worry too much now about which floor (CS & MS seem to drop just as abundantly on floor 20 as it does floor 200).

Since you’re not going to spend any money, you will want to save up gold and buy extra inventory slots with gold. From there, you can dedicate a bag for crystal stones (CS) and one for mythstones (MS). I always tried to keep my CS & MS organized. I highly highly encourage you to read the crystal conversion strategy on Skauls tips page. You can apply something similar to MS also.

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The only way to get a hireling is to pay for it. What you might be able to do is get something to credit your account. Are you on Android? Does Google Opinion Rewards work where you are? That’s usually good for a dollar or two a week for me. Everything I’ve bought on DQ has been from that - character slots, premium stash, one-hour buffs, even some vanity things.

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Already got the full inventory and 1 stash slot. Will get another stash as soon as I can. Yes, I like to keep things organized as well. My game messed up last night, had to reinstall. Dropped me back 6 lvls, 15 floors and lost a lot of stuff. Not happy at the moment

I don’t know if it works for me or not. I will look into it and find out though. Thank you for the advice on that. Yes I am on Android

Any idea what caused your game to mess up? Do you remember what occurred?

I was playing, it crashed, went to reload it back in, stopped working, forced me to uninstall and reinstall it.

I downloaded that app from the play store, it worked, got myself another slot. Thank you

Also, what is the best most efficient way to level the hired character?? Right now I have it following me. But that doesn’t seem to be going as fast as I thought It would. Lvl 1-5 in only a few minutes. I guess it isn’t too bad. Probably better than doing it on its own

When there’s two characters in play, they both take a hit to their XP. There’s an even bigger hit if they’re far apart in level. If your goal is simply to level the other character, you can play on its own to maybe go faster, but that depends on the gear you have for it.

Personally, I’d just play with the hireling and not worry about its level too much. Go farm and ignore its level, then check it every few floors and see if any points need to be distributed.

Sounds good. Thank you for the answer. I have some really good gear waiting for it to use, but need lvl 24 to be able to have all of it on the wizard.

Got a question for you when you get a minute…

I tried the Mage, not a huge fan…am thinking of warrior or rogue for my second and helping me farm…
I like the rogue for the long range bullets that bounce and would make it easy to keep it geared early on as it can just use my old stuff.

But I’m thinking warrior for the meat shield type of thing, take the damage for me while I deal it…

Which would you recommend??

What set & skills did you use with the mage? My main toon is a mage. I think you might possibly like to try out using a manashield and sword with orb as your secondary skill. The reactor set is fun to use for farming since energy beams (arc) pass from enemy to enemy but you need a sword for now with orb as the secondary skill for it to work. You will eventfully obtain some crystal stones called Amber. These can help you greatly by changing your mainhand (MH) secondary skill to something else (it can be mage, warrior or rogue skill). Amber can also change your offhand (OH) secondary skill as well. Aftermath coupled with your secondary MH as meteor and teleport/shatter as your OH is really fun also. Experiment with items and sets as you pick them up. Try to save your crystals until you find something you really like.

Soon, you will find a Nadroji item(s) (chest, ring, amulet or helmet). Keep those items. The amulet and ring are special in that they have +2 set numbers which is equivalent to having the Elixer mythstone. Through having these for your ring and amulet, it allows your set numbers to increase. For example, if you had only one reactor legend item your set would show Reactor (1). If you have the +2 Set Numbers from ring & amulet I mentioned above equipped then your reactor set would be Reactor (5). This greatly increases the items potential.

Now back to your question. I have used Rogue and Warrior. I am indifferent on them but it seems you have taken a liking to the Rogue. My first hireling was a rogue. If I were doing it again, I would probably select the rogue again.

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Ok cool thank you. Looks like I will do rogue again as Hireling and use pistols, easy for now. And when I get the chance at another survey I will do that and add another slot for the Mage. Will probably ask you a lot of questions but hey, questions means growth

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When you start using a hireling, it’s important to get your AI set the way you want the toon to behave. In the screenshot below, I have set my hireling to only use teleport and shatter. I have a meteor process Aftermath set build that resets my cooldown and clears maps quickly. However, it would not behave the way I wanted if I used my mainhand skills. Try experimenting with which skills you want the AI to use, how often, and ranges. Hope this helps.

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Here are my two rogues at the moment…they farm like no one’s business…loving it.

I have quite a selection of legendaries already. And a few random things…I did manage to pick up this bad boy, can’t wait to use it. Should I do it now?? Or save it??