New player and new to the forums

I prefer older, big block, carbureted engines as well.


What about this '84 Excalibur Phaeton.


I like the 1920’s & 30’s style of that car.

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Awesome, thanks guys. I don’t know what version i have and that I’m using to be honest. Probably the 2.1, but not sure. Thanks for info. Now to just use Larimars on it until I get something good and packs lol…going to keep my legendary one as is though

Trying to figure out the best course of action now…I have plenty of gold, did surveys and made google play credit and got myself some of the buffs.

I am to the point of not picking anything up unless it is epic. I have the imp for hoard to turn lower stuff into higher quality. And the hound on my Hireling to collect gold for me.

I guess I should try and push for floor 200 now.

Which level difficulty are you playing right now (Easy, Normal, Epic, Legend, Mythic M1, M2, or M3)? A good rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t take you more than 5 min to complete a map. If you’re completing challenge maps faster than 5 min, you could try the next difficulty. If you move up in difficulty and If your toons start to die a lot, you will probably want to go back to an easier difficulty. Marching to floor 200 will be very beneficial for equipment drops but you also get perks for playing the more difficult levels. Risk vs reward.

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When I started playing, I stayed on normal difficulty until around floor 350ish. I incrementally moved up in difficulty until I believed my gear was good enough for the next difficulty. My biggest regret, looking back at floor hiking, was that my movement speed was horrible. I sacrificed movespeed so I could have other hero points etc. A Flight myth stone (10% movespeed) and some dexterity would have helped me move along faster.

With the Rogue, you can use Blink strike (MH secondary skill) to move/kill monsters faster or battle mage (you will likely despise).

I am on easy difficulty at the moment…i should probably go to a higher difficulty now. Yeah. I have gone and gotten a little bit of movement speed. And yes I finish floors in 5 minutes and under when I’m not doing a million other things while I play

Is there a way to change the element on an item? From say poison to arcane or whatever?

Use the Crystal Stone calcite until you get the element you want to use. I try to make sure all of my items (MH, OH, chest, cap, ring, amulet and pet) for each character have the same element.

Take a look at the link below for information @Griffin012 put together on crystals.

Awesome, thank you. Sorry for delay, been a long few days

No problem. I completely understand. Glad I could help.

Hi guys, I’m new here. Been playing the game for 2 weeks and I’m on floor 200 now with level 97 warrior and 93 mage. My plan is make my warrior as a farming char and Mage as my DPS. I have a 3rd slot also for my Rogue but she’s weak. Where do I farm? I can do Mythic 1 as of now with my Mage spamming meteor. Also, does my Mage can do PVE and PVP with only one build?

Aftermath wizards can. You can find them in the Builds Compendium, which there is a link to I’m that thread.