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Having fun is what it’s all about! It looks like you’re progressing nicely. You’re first rogue is using arcane element damage. You’re second rogue needs to have the OH changed to the same element using calcite. For farming, poison works wonders especially when you have a plagued item equipped. I try to avoid using the same element for my main and hireling. You will run into monsters soon that will be immune to the element you’re using, when that occurs, you’re hireling will take care of them.

As far as challenge maps, go ahead and use it. If you’re not already doing so, start playing the challenge maps. You get a legend map for every 25 collected and you get another for every 100 cartographers you kill. When you obtain eternalized equipment and the sets are at 6 (helmet & MH are the only two eternalized set equipment items), you increase the probability the map could be eternal (green). You can also use larimar to add affixes to a challenge map and you can reroll the affixes using diamonds.

It’s weird, I see my Hireling having multiple elements with sentry all the time.

I have a couple pieces of eternal equipment, but none are for rogues. Yeah I’ve been farming the challenge maps lately

You might be using the set called Ascendant if you see multiple elements. Your second rogue is using arcane for MH and it looks like either freeze or shock for the OH weapon. Therefore when the hireling uses the pistol, the bullets are pink but when she uses sentry, it’s white (shock or freeze). I can’t tell from the Hero Points picture if its freeze or shock.

You will acquire eternal equipment but the Eternalized Set is only available to your mainhand weapon and headgear. You can convert other character eternal gear by using the crystal Jasper. I typically convert eternal gear into crystal stones. You can obtain ultra rare crystals doing this but it costs 500k gold.

Well I’m not rich in the game lol. No I mean, I’ve seen my Hireling have every element while using sentry. One time it does shock, another is arcane, next is fire, after that poison and just bouncing through them all

Here is a couple pics of my Hireling sentry doing different elements…

As I am able to capture more I will show them to you. Here is two where she has poison and shock, I’ve seen a few times where it had shock, fire, and posion in 1 sentry…

If you look at your hirelings equipped gear, one of the 7 items (MH, OH, chest, helmet, ring, amulet or legend pet Sera) likely has a set called Ascendant. I am fairly confident this is the case.

I will check here as soon as I can. I also noticed, that I couldn’t add anything to the maps like previously said I could do. I can change what is there, but none of my gems allow me to add

Yep, the Hireling has one of those pieces. So that is making her use all of the elements then?? I am confused on how that works…

If your maps have any open spots, you can use the crystal larimar to add affixes. Sometimes, you might get lucky and add 'Pack Size ’ to the map. Those are really cool when you discover them… The only thing you could have used on the legend map was a diamond to reroll the affixes.

Yes, with ascendant you’re using the prismatic effect which will give you 12.5% per rank to cast other elements. This percentage will increase as your sets increase. For example, if you had the Nadroji ring and amulet I mentioned above equipped, your Ascendant set would be Ascendant (5). This would increase the chance to cast other elements by 12.5%*5=62.5%.

Ahh ok cool. Thank you

That was true in 2.0, but in 2.1 larimar was changed to reroll affixes in the same affix pool. You can no longer add affixes to maps, but you can change whats there. It’s actually better this way because you aren’t limited to the slots you have left, but can keep rerolling until you get packsize! Plus, you aren’t screwed if your packsize comes with affixes you don’t like (skyfall) - you can just keep rolling until you like it all.

Then you use diamond to get reroll Pack Size’s value until you get a big one.


I didn’t know that!!! I am still playing 2.0 and must have missed that post. Thx

Amazon? I feel bad for you guys. You’re missing out on some cool stuff :frowning:

Yes Amazon user. I feel bad that I told someone something wrong. Thank you for catching it. I am definitely ready for 2.1!!!

Yeah… 2.1 is the shizzle. The bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas. The Skaul of DQ.


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