New wizard eternal item is broke?

so finally, i’ve found some of the new items! they seem to only drop from cartographers and their goon squads. i found none from the dudes spawned by hunter :man_shrugging: might just be me though

Anyway, i found an eternal selene’s gift, after screaming, jumping for joy and buying a few more as backups, i tried adding a mythic to it. however, this causes a weird interaction as three of the mythstone slots disappear, the mythic isn’t added and it’s left with just the set, a legend affix, a slot affix and three empty spaces for things like topaz

im guessing this isn’t intended but i just wanna make sure as they’re kinda op items :sweat_smile:


Show it ! Show it! I wanna see it !

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There are more eternal with 4 sockets now :open_mouth:p


I really really wanted to, but i specifically worded it like i did so that my post wouldnt get taken down >~< its pretty darn good tho, (ptl :wink: )


Omg . Use it on arena . Built a build around it :grin: . FGS please RNG put some Luck on my rouge :pray:

I just wanna bump this up because i never got a reply on it :man_shrugging:t2:

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I need some picture of new item what affix is new. I don’t found it I’m here floor 1kup now. I’m so worrying ffttt.:disappointed:

Same I want it to see.:roll_eyes:

I’ve been floor 2000, again i dont know much about the item’s at all since theres so little to be read. I do believe i read about tdaniel mention at least floor 1000.
I farmed at 1000 for about 2 days before making the build i did for farming higher floors and spent probably 7-8 days straight just playing 2000. Still only found 4/5 items >~<



What is the ability of the new set? Can you tell us pls​:thinking::astonished::blush:

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Mythitech? I wonder what’s that :innocent:

Just look at my post if you want to know what is mythitech and thanks me later :wink:


Here is warrior and archer😄

I jasper this one to wizard, i will make something later whid it :blush:!

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Yup, I’ve since changed my high floor farm build to fire hireling with crushing flames and poison, ice main with the shadows and frozen sets ^.^

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these are way too OP. RIP game balance haha xD


Question about mercenary, does it apply with throw sword proc? cause it’s still a sword, cuase I’m thinking using ballista, mealstrom, mayhem with mercenary, demonic, and electrocution,
Pistol is MH and just add some throw sword proc
Sir @D-legend can you use your DQ calculator to calculate the damage of throw sword proc, if this is possible, TY in advance


I be planning now to creat a full barrage with the same @NUIQUE full barrage. the effects of our mythitech is good for a single stike i mean how about you tea? :heart:

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It means sword as in the weapon sword, not sure about the wizard one but as long as you have a sword as your primary weapon, you can attack with anything you want and gain the buff

@Mr_Hercules i haven’t been playing much pvp, made a few builds but couldnt get into it :sweat_smile: i have plenty of resources to make one though lol :man_shrugging:t2:


@TeaCup I do not believe it was intended to be able to add a mythic to Eternal mythitech items. This capability is only reserved for mythical set items on Mainhand and head (fabled weapon / unreal hat). I will have a definitive answer shortly but believe I am 99% correct.