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Hello Ive been playing this game for a month now and find out there are forums. I was wondering if anyone could help me to make a build as I could not understand most terms in it even after rereading the dictionary or the forums. I use wizard level 57 with 1 ascend (dealer perk) and im on floor 427 mythic 3 withou teammate. Im beginning to struggle with the enemies because they have higher HP and damage so i want to ask what to do with my build.

My build:

I use Frozen Fate Gauntlet convbert using Jasper on weapon and use topaz and angelite to get affix.
Nature: Evasion
+12% Attack Speed, +2 multi hit, +100% Fire DMG, +5000 Weapon DMG, +100% Weapon DMG, +5000 Fire DMG

Then a Eternal Hellfire skull with blue affix on Attack spedd. I added clarity stone on it.
Nature: Luck
+45% Attack Speed, +600%~ Explosive, +182.9% Blistering, +27% immolate, +200% Weapon DMG, +25% Clearcast (Clarity stone)

I use Skilled mythic Robe that increase damage of “MH”. It was Parity Robe that i convert to warrior after adding mythic to get faun gift then back to mage.
Nature: Evasion, Talent:: Focus 20
+Skilled, +(3) Faun’s Gifts, +25% HP (Hero Stone), +10% Dodge, Ignore Resist, +10 Strength

Then Symmetry Hat with blue affix on luck. I remove the green affix on it. I use rebirth(?) stone on it.
Nature: Luck, Talent: Insight 20
+221% Luck, +10% Crushing Blow (Rebirth stone), + 45.7% Balance, +10% Dodge, +20% Fire Damage, +50%~ Stun Resist

I use modified ring using rubies and angelite. It is rare ring with sockets.
Nature: Evasion, Talent: Bewilder 20
+25% HP (Hero stone), +80%~ Blistering, +30%~ Elemental Crit, +5 All Arch Mage, +10% Dodge, +20% Fire DMG

Last, the amulet, I use an legendary Persona with blue affix on resource cost I add from obsidian from converted legend item. I use elixir stone from converting blood magic mythic. It is modified with ruby and gems./
Nature: Evasion, Talent: Empower 20
+(3) Crushing Flames, 44% resource cost, +2 All Sets (Elixir stone), +90%~ Blistering, +10 Strength, +10% Dodge

I think build this thing mostly because I was reading a post on how Crushing Flames was a good set and I was stock on using fire element. It has good damage but I don’t think works out because im low level and high floor because off ascension. I hope my post is still understandable even though my English is bad. Ty for reading and help if you want.


I have no basics about the builds of a wizard and Warrior but it’s because they kill Enslaver and Cart fewer but try to look in your map if there’s a 0.3/0.4 enemy heal and try to improve your build. Keep on grinding bro. You can do it :muscle:


Fow wizard, SkullShield is really good, i highly recommend the item HungerTrap from rogue, it gives both kinds of WeaponDmg and +10 to SkullShield heroic
(You do have a good Skull OH already though)

Also for wizard farming builds, the eternal SteigersFortune is really good


Here’s a list for luck and gold find requirements at mythic 3 difficulty, they’re also demonstrated below

And i know its not a wizard build, but here’s my warrior farm build that uses Scalp, you can see the different affixes for damage, farming and utility, maybe it’ll help


Hello, thank you for the responds. I’ll follow you suggestions and fix the build. ty sirs/mams

last question: Is buying slot worth it? I see people go with teammate as dps/tank and also do hireling share main character XP and perk or the floor they reach?

The only perk that works on hireling is Dealer.

Luck and GoldFind are only accounted for on the main character (they do affect the hireling tho)

ItemDrop% and ExpGain% are accounted for by both main and hireling characters

Is it worth it? Ehhh spending money is mostly convenient, you dont 100% need to, but if you do enjoy playing, i really do recommend it.

What would i recommend?
1 or 2 extra character slots, to play with all the different characters
The crystal stash is very convenient, or you could just use shared stash 1 for crystals, and shared stash 2 for mythstones
Auto map reveal, just saves maybe 3-4 seconds per map you play
And i think thats everything actually haha


Skilled Mythic only works on Blast of the Gauntlet.

replace the +5000 Fire with +15% Crit Chance on Gauntlet.

replace Stun Resist with +75% Crit Damage on Hat.

if you have a Pet, put another +15% Crit Chance & +75% Crit Damage. you could also put another +20% Fire on there. Crushing Flames gets your enemies HP down fast, but does less damage as the enemies HP goes down. this is why having the extra Crit Chance & Damage is so good, it gives you lots of extra damage (the purple numbers). umm, this should give you a 40% chance to do a Critical Hit that does +200% damage. this wont affect the damage of Crushing Flames or Crushing Blow, but it is a lot of extra damage.

when you find/get another Elixir Stone, put it on your Ring and take off your choice of +20% Fire or the Hero Stone.

one thing you might want to do, is buy a Map for the floor you are on, then go to floor 200 or lower and farm for stuff. this will give you some experience on a lower floor learning how to tweak you build better.

also, there are different builds…

Farming Builds focus on getting Loot, and only really need to be good enough for floor 500ish, 1000 if you really need the Rare Items found up there.

Climbing Builds focus on climbing floors and don’t need to farm at all. they just need to defeat monsters and survive.

Ascending Builds are for floor 100-110 (experience from enemies stops going up at floor 100) and just need to kill monsters fast and get lots of Experience, +200%, if you are going for all 6 Perks, that is. a rule of thumb is you need 3 sets of Equipment. level 1 to get you to level 20, level 40 to get you to level 50, and last your level 100 Equipment for the last 49 levels.

use Larimar Crystal to change Enemy Heal on Maps. the Map affixes are listed in the Dictionary, so you can get an idea of which ones are easier for you to deal with.

that is a good build for just starting out, good job. welcome to DQ Forum @Mtreme


Hello, It is me, Mtreme. I cannot acces my old account but thank you for help. I have revised my build after reading more forums posts.

My build now is:

Frozen Fate Gauntlet with blue affix on crit
Nature: Evasion
+38% Crit Chance, +5 all skills (Elixir stone), +100% Fire DMG, +5000 Weapon DMG, +100% Weapon DMG, + 5000 Fire DMG

Eternal Hellfire Skull
Nature: Luck
+45% Attack Speed, +5 All Skills (Elixir stone), +632% Explosive, +182.9% Blistering, +27% Immolate, +200% Weapon Damage

Skilled Robe
Nature: Evasion, Talent: Focus 20
+Skilled, +(5) Faun’s Gifts, +43% Reduced CD, +30% Elemental Crit, +10% Dodge, +15% Crit Chance

Symmetry Hat
Nature: Luck, Talent: Insight 20
+(5) Plagued, +225% Luck, +43.2% Balance, Ignore Resist, +20% Fire DMG, +10% Dodge

Stone of Nadroji, I removed the Nadroji affix so I crafted a spare.
Nature: Evasion, Talent: Bewilder 20
+2 All Sets (Elixir Stone), +2 Multi Attack, +3 All Skills, +2 Set Numbers, +20% Fire DMG, +10 SkullShield

Sanctuary Amulet
Nature: Evasion, Talent: Empower 20
+Sanctuary, +(5) Crushing Flames, +221% Crit DMG, +15% Movement Speed, +10 SkullShield, +10% Dodge

With this setup, Skullshield turns into a gatling gun moving around my character that deals continuous 1 million+ damage to anyone. It was a painful grind but very worth it. I also think I should change Focus 20 to Necrotic 20 because it says Skull DMG and my OH is a skull.( idk if that is how it works)


For me, as I developed my knowledge on how to craft items effectively, purely Crushing Blow with matching Attack speed in any floor will finish your enemy with an instant.

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Focus gives WD% for both Weapons, Necrotic increases Damage of Skull only. since you have +200% WD on Skull, Necrotic would probably be better for damage.

if you’re interested, change the +5000 Fire on MH to +10 Sorcery. your Fire DoT will go from 40% of Fire attack to 60% of Fire attack every second for 2 seconds. if your fire attack does 100k, instead of 40k DoT a second for 2 seconds, it’s 60k DoT a second for 2 seconds. this is better DPS, and those DoT can also Crit Chance.

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Hello, ty for responding, I will change it soon. Thank you.

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The attack speed on the skull is not exactly 45% its 40% ish but i dont think it makes much difference sorry i just copy paste it is hard to type on phone


Want to max the atk spd? Try to remove a minor affix within the skull item and craft an Obsidian crystal once again and it works!

Insert: try to max your items to lvl 25 first


but it is an eternal skull i cant use kyanite or obsidian on it


Ahh… I got it bro! My bad :joy:

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it’s always a tough choice.

Eternal Items with double value affixes (except for Crystal Affixes, which are already triple values) and +50% Item Quality and can only Craft with a few Crystals or…
Legend Items you can Craft with all Crystals, but with normal affix values and +25% max Item Quality.

personally, I only use Legend Items, but eventually I want to look through the Eternal LegendEx and Craft some Powerful Builds with some Eternal Items. but only for PVE, it’s too easy for someone to mistake a Legit Eternal Item for a Cheat Eternal Item in PVP.