what do you think friends, still don’t understand the problem

that is a nice build, but having five +100% Shock is doing less DMG than if you had 5 +5000 Shock. if you took off the +50% WD MS on your Skull and replaced it with a sixth +5000 Shock, your DMG would go up even more.

on another thread I was doing the math, and if you only had two +100% Shock, you would be ok with DMG, but you would have to have WD% & WD+ on the Weapon that is doing most of your DMG. the more Shock% you have over two, the less DMG it does compared to the same amount of Shock+. this is because Weapon DMG is scaled down to level 20 Weapons in Battle Arena. and those +100% Shock is scaled down to +24% Shock. that is +120% with what you have on your Build.

the BWD of a Skull in PVP is 112 - 187, and that is with +25% Item Quality. that +50% WD is +15%? in PVP, then add the +1040 WD. then +120% from the five Shock%. you would do more DMG using +6240 Shock instead of the +120% Shock & +15% WD. if you have a pet, then you get to add another +1040 Shock.

found the post where I did some math showing the difference between using ED% and ED+.

I hope this helps. keep getting better!