Which one is good in pvp?

in the first part of the second post, the Weapons are shown with Level 100 & +25% Item Quality. this shows the BWD DMG Range before you add anything else for DPS and beyond.

in the second part of the second post, he shows what Level 20 Weapons with +25% Item Quality look like.

if you look at how affixes are reduced in the first post, and see how the reduced % affixes would affect the level 20 items DMG values, you start to understand why WD+ & ED+ are better than using WD% & ED%.

+24% ED only gives ~+510 WD+ for each ED% compared to +1040 for each ED+.

well, just did some more math, and my previous statement might be off by a little bit. I think if you only use one or two ED% vs. using one or two ED+, % might be better, but if you use more, the ED+ is better than ED%.

I wanted to look at the difference between a Gauntlet & Wand using one +200% WD (+48% in PVP?) & one +5000 WD (+1040 in PVP) with five +100% ED (+24% in PVP) and see how the DMG compares to using seven +5000 ED (+1040 in PVP) and one +5000 WD (+1040 in PVP). wasn’t sure how to do Power, sorry.

Gauntlet with Legend +200% WD, +5000 WD, and +500% ED gives around 3555 DMG in PVP. you can’t have Legend WD & ED on the same Weapon. +100% WD with +600% ED is less DMG.

Gauntlet with +5000 WD & +35,000 ED gives around 8704 DMG in PVP. a little over double using WD% & ED%.

with Wand, the DMG is 2823 vs. 8482, a few points over triple the difference!.

Putting Points into the Power Stat could close the gap, but it looks like WD+ & ED+ are better than using WD% & ED%. unless your Build has room for these for more DMG.