No enslaver appears - with hunter boost

This really just happened. Floor 2 runs, been running all day (its my birthday, DQ all day woooo hoooo)

Anyways, no cartog OR enslaver on this particular run. 0.0

Also, im sure this is prolly noted already, but a few times through out my time playing, running maps of varying difficulty, floor level, there has been no cartog (this has been without boost).

Anyways, not a huge deal, just thought devs might be interested in glitch / bug that seems to only show up very very seldomly



I have not experienced that before. Happy Birthday btw. :birthday::balloon::balloon:

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Thanks .

Hmm, odd. I was chattin to cuzeg who claims to have experienced the no cartog on random maps … myself, 2 occurences so far.

The monster spawn potion was a shocker though, lol. Im guessing though, that it is extremely rare. Either way, not a problem, but it did happen, does happen, can happen…

Lol :slight_smile:

Oh I might have made a mistake in explanation.

What I meant is that nothing will spawn cartographers or Enslaver below floor 20 as it tells in-game but there is a loophole around it. Using the Monster Boost potion as you call it , it forced the chances from 0% to 100% on floors below 20 for set amount of time which was why it was such a popular farm method for some people who played for boosts or got advert boosts or got rewarded boosts. I used that method myself and got tons of legend pets that way and even a couple of really good Eternal Pets and some Eternal Maps.

Well it was popular as soon as it wasn’t buggy with monster boost and then below floor 20 farming pets happened.

Before monster boost, it was practically impossible to farm below 20 for pets anyways but farming pets can be easily done on floors above 20 without the boost since the chances are way more than 0%!

If you were to test a farm run to enslaver every 100 floors in the same floor 400 map, you could divide by 100 and find out the % of it spawning and keep repeating the test for a consistent result. I don’t think anyone really knows the % chance for an Enslaver spawn . Cartographer spawn is much higher in non map floors and in maps, practically 100%.

It’s probably similar to enslaver spawn rate but higher.

Happy birthday @Nightbladejay :birthday:

Ahh i see.

Well, regardless, i have now had 2 maps that a cartog did not spawn in at all… not game floors, but actual maps.

Then, this morning, i have been spawn potion boosted all day, and had one run where no enslaver spawned at all. And believe me, i spent moment or two retracing rerunning msp just to verify. It happened. :slight_smile:

Yeah the cartographers thing is a bug if it’s a floor above 20 or so without monster boost or some other reason. Weird things happening lol

But I feel sorry for you just not finding that enslaver/cartographer with monster boost somehow.

Lol, nah, it all good. Thats the thing though, im not complaining, frankly i dont care. Its my birthday, i loaded up some google moneys, bought some vanity stuff, and i been staying spawn boosted all day. All fun man.

You seen my pet drop last night :slight_smile:

Anyways, i hope the devs just take it seriously, cause im not worried it, but i know damn well theres a bug somewhere. 2 times previously, once more today. Lol. Just saying.

Yep. That’s amazing. Good luck Have FUN

For the record, im an old closed beta gold supporter of Path of Exile, and many time over follow up supporter.

Having said that, this games quality… i would easily spend 60 to 100 bucks on it if it retailed like other games once did.

Frankly i feel this game delivers more then the cost of all the vanity and slots it has to offer… so nah, this thread isnt meant to be a complaint at all. Just a heads up.


I love some PoE!

If you still play let me know! I just got the full version on xbox after trying and I love playing on PC when I get the time.

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Lol, nice. I dont really play anymore much. Got me a disgusting 3 to 4 thousand hours clocked… just on steam… it used to not be on steam… but we wont talk bout those hours.

I started back in like 2011 or so I think so I always played on the stand alone exe so I don’t play it in steam, but I don’t think anything would stop me from firing it up via steam.
Thanks for the kind words about supporting our game! We hope to have some info to share soon about how we want to do our next game (PoE is an extremely respectful title in regards to in app purchasing in my opinion).



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Happy Birthday :birthday::cake:


And what ya know… another map with no enslaver while under monster spawn. Im a day late posting this one cause been lil busy with an axe and firewood all day, but…

Believe it or not, I’m telling you straight, legit bug.

And ya know what I’m gonna do about it…? I’m gonna buy another monster spawn po. and keep going. Take that game.

Seriously though, fact. Not just bullshitting you. A few times now, not just once.

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maybe all the monsters from the monster spawn potion scared away the weaker Cartographers? or the Cartographers might be saying, ‘if our free maps aren’t good enough for you as is, you can just go buy one from the shop!’ but yes, that sounds like it might be a bug of some kind. could be the potion and challenge map are incompatible, since they both give 100% chance of Cartographer?

And AGAIN. Another spawn po… no enslaver…

Kinda getting bit pissed about this only because no one seems to be taking this seriously…

To date - many times this has happened.

I suppose I can at least feel alrite knowing that @CuzegSpiked knows exactly how well I farm / grind.

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then maybe it is time to send in a bug report. hopefully, if it is a bug, the Dev’s should be able to fix it, hopefully.

Yea I could do that I suppose. I was thinking as @tdaniel was in this thread he may have made note of it.

But at any rate, as I said, it’s very rare, but I have spawn boosted often enough and caught this occurrence multiple times now.

Anyways, cheers