No love on Wizard [Reactor] Set build?

Hello, I’ve been trying to search through forum for Reactor Set build.
But none, would anyone please kindly give me good build/suggestion and combination for that set.
Thank you in advance! Cheers!

Hi, if you want build for PvP, i wouldn’t suggest you Reactor build. I’ve tested it with orb proc, orb special and discordance, but it is kinda slow and not effective against rougues blinkstrike. Also the dmg it makes is too less to worth it.

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I’m not a PvP fan though, I just want a good PvE build.

I’ve got a build for you my friend. I’ll just list the necessary crystal, set, talents, and mythics for the build. If you want everything I can do that too, but there are a lot of affixes you can change to adapt your play style. Damage ranges anywhere from a few million to a few billion.

It is as fun a build as any I’ve played (prefer it over Ninja build for PVE). Also pretty strong for PVP.

Gauntlet (Vacuus Scipio, Mutiny)
Set: Maelstrom, Defiant)
Mythic: Cosmic Orb
100% weapon damage OR 100% Ice Damage

OH: Prefer Orb. I use Eternal Spellbinder

Talent: Focus
Set: Reactor
Mythic: Discordance
100% Ice Damage
45% Crit Chance
Stun Immune

Talent: I use wizardry, but you could use a legend elem crit affix instead to pick something else
Mythic: whatever you want (or none) I use Desperation
Set: Cosmic Power (again you can do something else)
Crystal: MP on Hit

Talent: Astral
Set: Living Force
Use Ignore Resist or Effective Mythic
Crystal: Crit Damage

Talent: Empower
Mythic: Sanctuary or Empryean
Set: Frozen

Shibe (Permafrost)
I was fortunate enough to get an eternal one many moons ago with 10000 Ice Damage, 20% Dodge, 40% Ice Damage, 10 Barrier, 10 Recall.


Did you try with arc dodge? a rogue could be interesting with that

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Totally agree. Arc on rogue is great for the elemental effects put on enemies (such as shock applying a damage debuff before you use your heavy damage). I wish there were more ways to specifically increase arc damage and effects.

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I got a good PvE build for wizard, wanna try it ?? I call it ‘Meteor Shower Farming’ lol :laughing:

my set also a reactor ice type wizard… up to billion dmg

Well it’s been a while since I seen this thread. Now reactor builds are everywhere and very powerful. I even have a reactor build (rogue form because discordance, chakram, rogue talents, etc). Dama Dama No mi and frozen throne great example and many other builds, great example of how much this game progressed ever since I first joined. I sure am glad.


True. Orbs are now everywhere dude :smile: it’s widely popular now since the release of Reactor set. Very common build yet still good even at high floors with the right set-up. The only thing that you would hate about it is that Orbs rarely hits stuff without taunt specially when using Living Force. The only thang that hits mobs are the Arcs which comes from Reactors effect.

I agree. Still, I do like the insane DPS that comes from the orbs when you do it right. Also reactors are awesome. Great for crushing blows and insane DPS in general (I use frozen build).

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Yeah right, same goes to me. Reactors are really not that bad either, it’s good specially when you don’t need to go on Arc and put some other usable mythic on your MH just like Cosmic Orb/Bombard etc. It’s also useful for Frozen build hitting that chain effects for elem. crits. Right now, I’m looking to get that Cyclone fixed soon so, that I won’t need Taunt Procs anymore in the future when using Orb builds :sunny:

I got to eternal again lol thanks to reactor build.

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Reactor is <3 , and I’m gonna master it I saw 8-10m order dmg. Mine is 4-6m only so I miss some. But I deal 2013b dmg in cartoon and enslavers


Reactor has so much love nowadays. Me use it on rogue orb Discordance on PvP and PvE (crazy sextillion frozen dmg and 100k deadly dmg in PvP occasionally). I think our love for reactor sparked from this guide and mine from @cronos4321 . Although some love from reactor wasn’t from this guide.

Midlumer uses a wizard PvP orb reactor build which is fairly stable and competitive in HP and DMG.

Cronos used a reactor orb Discordance build in PvE wizard for crazy frozen dmg or other kind of dmg like Arcanist.

Even rokiyoy used a PvP orb build.
Well sure all of them use discordance but even ones without discordance already has great love and damage. Beginners use it in the Ducktape Build or their own discovery and everyone else use it in their own ways too.

Reactor set sure has came a long way. Man DQ got a long way.

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