No1KnowzMe Warrior Legend Build

i dont have SS so i just write my equipment i have so far…


Main: Gelid Smasher /Bolt Strike for Crushing Blow / Lance “Fimbulvetr for Frosbite”
Affix: +153% Reflect Dmg
+100% Frosbiting
+17.6% Block
+2005 Armor
+27.5% Damage
+42.5% Crit Damage

Offhand: Jousters Horn
+14.7% Move Speed
+3 Zealous
+10% Freeze
+4 Champion
+4 All Berseker

Armor: Earthen Plate
+25% Total HP
+2% HP Leech
+25% Total Armor
+1791 Armor
+2 Hardened

Helm : Oblivion
+8.9% Move Speed
+15% Attack Speed
+15% Crit Chance
+25% Total Armor
+4657 MP

Ring: Stone Nadroji
Talent : Wrath " I Wish its IcyTouch"
Rare Affix: Mp Leech “Better if Damage,Crit Chance,Crit”

Amulet: Thunder Fang
+208% Reflect Damage
+10% Crushing Blow
+41 All Resist
+25% Total HP
+19% Ice Damage

-you can swap Hammer to Lance like " Fimbulvetr"
-You Can Also Change the Amulet To Nadroji if you have or the rings better for me if have Crushing Blow
But the disadvantage of this if when you encounter a extra health or should i say Mobs that Regen almost 1%+ and ice resist it takes time to kill.
-with this item build im running on EP8 FLOOR 657+
-its not easy to farm gold now with the new UI in Floor 200 Ignis Continue Cancel Continue Technique… Better Farm on
Floor 100+ Challenge Map
-I like the TerraShaper+Nadroji Affix high chances when it effect pounding damage on enemies
-this is a ice build warrior
-Stat Points are all on HP 299
-Pets with Crushing Blow also better use farm buying Pets at Floor Level 1 EP8 with 650% Luck because price only 25k+ and theres a chance getting better affixes thats what i experienced.

My Skill Combo are Using Sprint Circling on Mobs and use the Torrent+EarthShatter With the Crushing Blow Effect Its Easy and when the Terrashaper on effect its badass.

Note: i think this is for 1.5.0 client version only


Nice! And thanks to share your build :smile:

And… Don’t wanna be rude or anything but would you mind making your build a little more “pretty” ? with colors or screenshots or something? :stuck_out_tongue: hard to read! :smile:

Keep rocking!