Noob needs help :)

Hello guys , I have been looking for a game like this (no in app purchases who influence the stats or progresion) for ages and few days ago discovered this beauty . I have been reading and playing alot the past few days , and i encountered something that i cannot understand . Every guide i see says do this and that untill you get good gear then go do this and that . The problem is i`m completely unaware what “good gear” means . That led to me brute forcing from 65 floor to 100 on lower diff only to start grinding 101 (Untill 65 i played mythic 1) since i saw that people grind there better loot . Now im strugglin to kill the easy mobs not to speak about legend mobs . My question is should i go back and continue with M1 progresion from 65 or lower the diff on 101 and grind untill i get better items , and also for what exactly am i supposed to look as stats which classify as better, I realise there are different build and they require different stats but thats for engame and im just learning stuff yet and leveling my first toon . Im playing warrior and im 63rd level currently .

Im sorry if i didnt explain myself very well english isnt my native language . Thank you in advance .

Honestly right now you don’t even need too think about what we mean by good gear there is no point in comparing yourself too these builds at your current stage right now you should go too the first difficulty and try too level too 99 and reach floor 200 all you should focus on by good gear is what drops and you think is an upgrade from your own and while you’re doing that if youn get some rings or necklaces with nadroji in the title your doing damn good :smiley:

I have a few tips. First is, ignore sheet DPS. By that I mean if you are comparing two items and one shows it does more damage than the other, that doesn’t necessarily mean the item with more DPS is better. What you need to do is look at all the affixes that come with it. This game is all about experimenting with different items to see how they work.

Another tip is elements. You can use the crystal calcite to change the element of your gear. Once you start finding legend(red) gear you may want to use calcite to change all the elements to the same for max damage.

Like griffin said, there’s no need to focus on end game gear yet, it will probably frustrate you more than anything. Keep grinding above floor 100 on the highest difficulty you can do with speed and no deaths. Try to equip your character in all legend gear and watch for the affixes and sets on these items. Sets are the green affixes and when you combine the right ones, it makes for powerful builds.

Check the forums regularly, check the build help sections. After a few weeks you will start understanding how certain affixes work with each other. Once you have played a while and have bunch of crystals and mythstones saved up, then you can start crafting. To be honest I barely know anything about crafting. I look at builds on the forums that appeal to me and modify them to my play style.

You can modify legendary gear with crystals to change affixes but I don’t recommend doing this early on. You are going to need tons of these for crafting end game gear.

Also check out this thread:

Skauls tips


Okay thanks for the advice i say your dank mage build which looked very nice :smiley: .

Thats what i currently have . I wasted about 150 crystals to try and swap some of my rare stats to gold find and luck with semi decent luck . Thank you for the detailed advice . I have played alot mmo and some heck and slash (torchlight 2 and Diablo 3) so i hope that i will start understanding stuff soon :slight_smile:

edit : I also used the horn for a while and enjoyed the movement speed buff alot but i dont seem to be able to handle elites very well with it :slight_smile:

Thanks :smile: based on the picture you just provided I would say you could convert those 4 flourites into a peridot and reroll your main weapons level too a higher one and that’s probably help you alot :smiley: also if your legendaries don’t have much sustain on them MP and HP on hit not every piece of gear you use right now needs too be legendary sustainability always comes first :smiley:

Careful, Flourite doesn’t directly convert to Peridot. Flourite converts to Emerald, which will achieve the same kind of gear upgrading as Peridot, but less so. Emerald goes to Peridot though.

I wouldn’t even worry about crafting with crystals or mythstones yet. Just collect them for now, you’ll use them eventually. I’d say focus on clearing floors on Easy as you unlock floors up to 200. You can get to 200 with completely uncrafted gear just fine, and you’ll be learning and leveling as you go.

It’d help to get another character as a hireling at some point too.

No but those 4 flourites if converted up twice turn into 1 peridot

Okay thanks for that advice , I indeed had issues with the mana i will try to put in there atleast 1-2 affixes for mana on hit . Where can i see what appears after conversion from one kind to another cristals ? And also what should i prioritise the most when converting ?

I will stay away from those converts for now since i dont have alot of money , i spent about 1-2 milions changing stuff in the HERO section sooo yeah im kinda short right now about 0.5 m gold :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Thanks alot but is there somewhere a list for the result of converting certain crystals . I mean what comes out of each crystal :slight_smile:

2 crystals are used when converting, and produce 1 crystal of the next tier. So 2 Calcites convert to 1 Angelite, and then 2 Angelites convert to 1 Quartz, and so on.

Order is:


You can google or check the wiki to see what each one does.

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Okay thanks thats exactly what i was asking for and griffin gave me a link with descriptions for them all .Thanks alot for the help :smile:

Yeah, spread that link! Need less spam.

Hello Everyone!

I started playing this game few days ago, started a wizard. Currently I’m lvl 71 on floor 116 (EPIC)
I did some 1v1 arena matches and somehow I managed to get to mythic league. If someone could help with improving my build somehow i would really appreciate it.

My e-mail adress is [E-mail Removed] if You guys could help that would be really good! :slight_smile: If someone sends me a mail on my email i will send you pictures about my build (all my items, talents)

Please if you have a little free time help me!


dude, please remove your email ad, for your account safety.

Hello again guys , soo i just finished with 200th floor on Epic and im almost 96 . Any tips on what to do now ? I will start grinding Legend difficulty and move forward to mythic but what should i aim for ? I started converting stuff to zircon in order to upgrade one of my weapons but also im unaware what exactly combination of of mythics to pick . I dont know which buffs are viable and which are not so any further advice would be great :slight_smile:

Also griffin i saw in your Dank mage thread about Crystal farming builds . I tried searching but i didnt find anything , could you give me link for a build that would help me farming crystals ?