Noob Question

Started the game 3 to for days ago and I am really enjoying it. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to fill sockets :frowning:. I have asked google but no help so far. If I have missed the answer somewhere on this forum , please forgive me.
I play on an Nvidia Shield with xbox controller.
I also have problems making purchases for dollars. I tried to buy a few items thru google play but was unsuccessful due to errors. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue or can offer me an alternative.
Thanks in advance.

You have 2 options:

  1. You must find Item with sockets.
    2.You must find crystal “Zirkon”. It can add new socket to your item.
    Good luck!

Thank you. What is the actual procedure? drag and drop? Codex?
I have many items with sockets. Just need to know the action part.
My fault. I will edit my OP. I need to know how to fill the sockets.
Thanks again.

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Fill the socket, u need mythic stone…
If u fill 4 socket with that and it correct combination, ur gear will turn to purple,
Read at codex, mythic…

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Thank you. I have mythic stones several hundreds of 7 different types so far.
I also have quite a few items with sockets.
The codex says “Unlock hints by socketing mythstones, with rarer mythstones giving a greater chance to unlock hints” My question is how do I actually place the mythstones into the socket :smile:

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I finally figured it out. Took 4 days to see the “apply” option. :frowning:
Thanks to all that responded.
I appreciate .

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@Slaymane take a look in the Support Thread for questions on Purchasing problems or do a search on Purchase. if you don’t find anything to help, just post a question in the Support Thread and a Dev or Mod will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you :slight_smile: Will do.
Now that I have learned to fill sockets, is there a way to empty them?

Use crystal name garnet

Awesome! Thank you again :slight_smile:
Haven’t seen any of those as yet.

Garnet is the next Crystal past Zircon, so it drops a little less often.

Is there a list of mythicstones and crystals by hierarchy?
Also is there a list of discovered mythics?

Hope it can help

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Thank you. Great information.
Happy holidays

also, when you start finding Eternal items that you want to use on your builds, here are the crafting restrictions. these restrictions apply to both PVE & PVP.

for Pets, you can use these Crystals to craft them: Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, Topaz. Don’t use Quartz on a Legend Pet!!! it costs 5 Crystals to craft a pet, so if you want to change the Element of a Pet, it will cost 5 Calcite per attempt.