Old player comin back

Sup guys i quit the game for about almost 8months after having almost achieve everything in game. But now im back playin and learned der will be new patch which makes things more exciting for me. Happy day fella. Dont know if der still old players here recognize me. Happy dq everyone…


Welcome back,noob here :blush:



Hello there you’re back! Nice to see you again. Trust me, this happens. Also I also quit for like 2-4 months before as well at least on forums and PvP. But I did occasional DQ.

I almost got bored but then I remembered about my master build plan that finally came into fruition after acting on it and ever since then, I’ve been playing a lot and being around here alot. I want to at least help many players possible before my the leave lol.

Also I’m still at it with collecting every single eternal and crystal legend with eternals+crystal affix on it.

I’m still playing though because I’m a tester and I am hyped for the new patch that may come soon and the possible futures too.

PvP was still the tanky meta but I broke that using an extremely powerful discordance orb rogue build that I’ve always dreamed of making for so many months and as inspiration from cronos old orb builds . I even managed to finally experience the frustrating build in action which is supposed to be undefeatable until many rounds.

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Grats bro even in ur pvp build u made success. Indeed ur post about guides are really helpful i read then earlier everything was xplained very well.

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Awesome! I’m glad to hear that :laughing: :smile: . Kicked out the top 10 eternal league full of cheaters with the build and finally restored the top 10 division 1 eternal league with more legit players.
.It’s great to have lots of fun legit players to face. Especially @Mr_Scooty .

I was rusty at PvP but thanks to Mr Scooty and @Midlumer as well as my own efforts, I managed to figure things out and make a superb PvP build. Now I fully know how to make any PvP build. AI settings I’m not too good but I try.

It’s great that so many cheaters have been removed, especially the veteran cheating GOB that made everyone hate PvP eternal league division 1 sometimes.


Welcome back to old player !!

I think after I gave you top 1 in Arena and quit the game you quit also? :joy::joy::joy: its been almost 8 months since I gone… Are you following me? Hahaha…(kidding)
Welcome back to us… Its time to shine again in Arena after the Patch 3.0

-Bekhor :blush:

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

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I think it will have a war in Eternal Div 1 ahaha


@marwinberna lol ur back too welcome @MeruLex lets enjoy pve side first of 3.0 haha then lets all go to top1 @CuzegSpiked flame and thunder attribute finnaly been given some attention with new affixes to make them usefull in pve. U gotta made some detailed build again haha

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Yeah sure :slight_smile: . I’m planning to make a pierce alchemy build because the pierce skill has 50% DMG per pierced enemy which sounds OP and something I’d take full advantage of.

Other skills that use damage per pierced enemy are: Whirling blades, Chakram , guidedshot how and even throwsword .

Another reason is because I wanted to try see if it’s possible to build.

Fire and shock is already alright with Explosive affix 400% but yeah it’s gonna be far better in 3.0. I mean I can already improve it by having a more powerful attack in PvE before 3.0 and explosive affix. Not only that but Trickster is one of the only OH Procs that proc their offhand element instead of Mainhand. The big reason why it was difficult to build was because offhand procs like Torrents and such didn’t proc with shock and instead used the fire element and same with smoke bombs.

Electrocution Set is extremely powerful for shock stack Debuff below 25% HP at (5) because it’s 50% damage per stack so 200% Increased DMG along with the 50% Stack Debuff. Not to mention you can add more stack Debuff due to Shock Effect Max +1 .

Crushing Flames at (5) would add high immolation damage and increase crushing blow damage by 250% which can make 25% crushing blow up to more than 75%.
This will make blistering deal so much more damage . Doubles effectiveness of blistering or even triples it and combined with Vampiric Touch for crazy bleed damage. Then the high voltage and stack Debuff be even more significant. Also better crushing blow.

Fire and Shock can now also be done by Overload because it does shock effect when you get struck. If you can dodge or block all of it, that’s fine.

With all that asides I could revamp fire shock build or something too. Devilpillar build I can easily make Seasonal Maiden into by swapping ice with fire and then add crushing flames for potency with inferno.

Although high voltage does indeed work with any kind of stun as I witnessed many times so it was already doing well. Just not as good as frozen build but now that Crushing flames exists, fire build could be standing a huge chance in PvE.

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@CuzegSpiked der is a new legend with crushing flames bonus affix… what is the effect of bonus affix crushing flames ? Im plannin on changing my wiz build to solely focus on fire element since crushing flames also boost crushing blow. I wanna try the lightning stacking too.

Crushing flames bonus is your guess. Could actually work for PvP though maybe.

Probably something to do with immolation since crushing flames reasons.

I guess its time to battle
Shock V.S Fire Builds in Arena…
Stacks V.S DoTs

Goodbye to Vortex say hi to Crushing Blow​:smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

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Yup lol. All you need is to trigger immolation and you will destroy them after high hit frequency. At crushing flames (3), 150% increased crushing blow damage.

25%×150% = 37.5% . 25+37.5% = 62.5% maybe at (3).

Players are classed as elite and epic rank.

62.5%^4= 15.258% crushing blow on players. Better than 0.003% Crushing blow.

Maybe it’s actually 37.5%^4 instead which is 0.019%.

In any case, it would be useful if you can trigger immolation somehow. However flawless victory will reduce your elemental crit now that it’s fixed so maybe you’d need coat proc/vial but that doesn’t stop everybody.

Get high hit frequency , high damage , increased immolation DMG due to crushing flames , maybe bonus if you can , blistering, etc. Although 40% perserverance will limit the damage, it won’t limit crushing blow. A great way to bypass extreme damage Reduction which is most likely to happen.


Double strike. Well it doubles damage as you think. Like for frozen , I think it doubles the frozen damage twice which is extremely brutal in campaign. In PvP , might have some use but we’ll just have to see. I do know it’s very useful with high hit frequency.

Double Mitigate. I think if you have 50% damage reduction, you have a chance to increase that by the damage reduction. 50%×50% = 25%. 50%+25% = 75% damage reduction momentarily.

Hyper Armour is damage reduced by % when attacking.

Shock effect Max for +1 stack Debuff or however much the affix gives.

Ally healing is exactly what you think it is. Heals the minions who are classed as allies.

Immolation DMG. Increases immolate damage by %. Definitely very useful.

Execute DMG. Similar to demonic and Electrocution but increase damage by % when enemy below 25% HP and almost similar to Relentless.

It may seem like demonic and other damage affixes that trigger below 25% is not too good but it definitely has its benefits like it could work with crushing blow quite well and against extreme damage reduction which could happen. A way to beat frustrating build that would tank million damage and takes 10 rounds to defeat.

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Neither element will be better in PvP really the sets are incredibly PvE focused they’re the plagued and frozen of fire and shock but I think y’all already loved shock anyways =P :smile:

@CuzegSpiked your math is ridiculously off on those crushing blows sorry =P


Every time i see @CuzegSpiked with his math explanation…


Welcome back :slight_smile: nice to see you again