One Man Army - Sharing my PvP build, comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement wanted!


This. Don’t use them. Ever ;).

Also Scoundrel and legend Balance are additive, so you only get 8.75% HP out of it - not a good affix use. All EHP slots should give > 12% EHP, otherwise they are not optimal…

Consider using Exposed, since Scalp pierces - for the rest of the match all attacks will do 50% more damage. Way better than Ruptured.

Since Scalp is your main attack, use Fury instead of Energy, also a lot better. I deal up to 50k Bleeds in Div1 with my online setup.

Scratch Barbarian then and use PTL.

I’d also go for Flawless Trophy, just the better overall package.

Most likely not legit that one.


You cant cast it in PVe but in PVP you can use it 100% sure.


Hmm I do have a helm with fury instead of energy. I’ll test it again to see if I can use scalp in arena.


Thanks. I’ll try your suggestions. I didn’t know that scalp pierces. What’s the best way to determine if a skill pierces? I can’t seem to find a list in game or online. A few skills add pierce damage and chance with hero points but beyond that I can’t seem to find anymore info.



I just remembered now why I picked energy over fury. With fury I need to spam toss to build fury to use scalp so I can’t spam scalp like I can with energy. I’m guessing with multiple people suggesting it fury would still be a dps gain if I’m standing still but if I’m kiting it won’t work as well. I’ll test it in arena and see how it feels. I guess it will boost my AI as it won’t be able to kite.


Since barbarian is out of the question you can use energy now.

Personally i like energy better than fury in some cases.


Looks like I can cast scalp after like 10 toss. Probably decent for AI build. I’ll test and report back


When online and doing PvP I use:
4 to 6 Charge + 2 Bash = 1 Scalp. Or put 1 Mana Absorb so Fury Resource can be charge Fast. (FURY = MANA)

AI is better when charging Fury… They can spam skills very fast…:joy:

Now you know.


And knowing is the half the battle…

How is dodge and block in arena? Worth investing affix slots into?


Is 200% weapon damage legendary affix bad in arena as well? I can understand the 100% elemental damage affix but maybe 200% is ok?



Craft a. Eternal Vibroedge with crystal affix(reduced cooldown) to maximize your casting on scalp you can also use clearcast (but the chance is low) or deadly art set and you already have specialist on you oh. But your problem is your skill cost on scalp 31k mine is only 19k. You can also use element set it serves as your offense and defense as well.


I actually crafted this a few days ago. Short on dust at the moment to try to craft a better one

I’m gonna test replacing barbarian with a strength affix to see how that works with fury.


You can use Block and Dodge as long as you want but, its not reducing DMG you received not like Armor and Resist


sir babarian can affect the mp or mp regen?


Barbarian. Make your Resources into half. If you use Mana, your Mana will be half into 50% ex. you have 40000 Mana and you use Barbarian your mana will become 20000 just like Glasscannon.

When using Barbarian on Fury, it decreases the Fury Charge (10 Charges). Barbarian is 18% on PvP so 10 Charges - 18% Barbarian = 9 Charges only. So you need to spam more Primary Skill to use Special Skill.


how about if i use Blood Magic mythic?


What do you want? What build will you do so I can help


my problem only is my MP… my eternal pet have perfect MP regend… but it is not enough to cast rarely my special skill orb and skullD in my offhand…


No, both are insanely bad in PvP, don’t use them… take a look at my damage guide to know why.

No but it is avoiding all damage of a certain attack, so they are good too! You can regard them as effective damage reduction.


Can I get a link to your arena dps post?

And block negates all damage when it activates right? I’m guessing block is better if I had to pick one since it is a higher %? Especially for a shield war since they get 10% for free?