One Man Army - Sharing my PvP build, comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement wanted!


Discordance mythic + Blood Magic mythic is not acceptable? because i used it in my build… pvp build…


I found your damage guide and it has the following table

The table was written for pre patch 3.0. Since 3.0 doubled weapon damage% would it make it double the value in your table to 2.032 from 1.016? This would make it the best affix after the first +5000 ED affix?


WD% is still almost as bad as before, so useless.

7x ED+ > WD+ >> WD% and ED%

always first use ED+, then, only then you should take WD+ since it is exclusive for only one weapon.


if my character is rogue… Eternal Vibroedge is okay also… or not?



Any thoughts on hyper armor? 7% damage reduction while attacking in arena.


I’m gonna say no. Hatchets become mirrors when you jasper them to rogue class and you can’t modify special attack on eternals.


so maybe i can use other offhand wepsss


Or use an eternal main hand weapon and a defiant offhand if you are gong mimicking battle mage setup. Chakras hits pretty hard.


what eternal wep?


Can’t say without knowing your build and even then I’m one of the biggest noobs on the forum. I’m happy to give my opninion, just take it with a barrel of salt.


ii can try to copy your build… but a rogue form… so now what eternal weapon is the best?


Hyper Armor and Double Mitigate are crap in the arena :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure how this build works with rogues. Most rogues in eternal league division 1 use a chakram and focuses on burstiness from what I can tell. They are also less tanky by nature due to less AR from armor and no AR bonus from health stat points. That said you can look at the codex for chakrams and see which one had affixes you want since you can’t modify eternals. If the affix I use in the battle mage build your only option may be ragnorak which has defiant set affix if I recall correctly.

My tip for arena is make a build and play a lot of matches with it. Check the combat logs and see what you are taking a lot of damage from. The. Slowly tweak your build. The build I posted on a war can beat any AI in arena division 1 when played but some AI’s take some strategy which I posted. I don’t play rogue in pvp so I can’t comment on how to tweak the build for rogues.


Yeah I wouldn’t touch double mitigate. Too bad about hyper armor, thought it would help my AI help outlast immortal builds.


oque seria PTL ? e quais affix substituir ?


which setup setup of the arena to leave offline?