One punch cyclone build (100% block)3.0 [BUILD]


Thank you hahaha




AWESOME BUILD:heart_eyes:


i know its late but good build dude thanks.



Sorry I just had to. One punch man is good and the intro too! Also this build relate to it lel. The DQ version of OP man aka One Punch Man.

Why? He hardly dies and deals tons of DMG. One punch man kill anything.


Is it even possible to get cyan block affix on body in latest patch?


only on a warrior item with the affix on it. I would have to look in the Codex to know which ones they would be.


Lmao. This one is really one of the most funniest animes ever made haha it’s all over the internet. Even ranked #10 in overall score last year.


Yeah. One Punch Man ftw.


Thanks guys.


I think i have a link in there that has information on items of warrior with block affixes. That was from a thread created by another tho and mr scooty happens to give in formations and pictures of warrior ites with block affixes. Feel free to click it xD


You can’t enchant it aside from OH but you can find from warrior OH, Chest and Ring.


I will provide a video soon hahahah just stuck with my projects and all xD


Cool. Can’t wait to watch it.


can we see the vid? XD


Imagine if you get eternal loop of epiphany with crystal +45 attack speed affix


Okay so question. I have 75% block +20% block from having 40 bulwark and on top of that I have 5% block from bulwark on my pet yet I still die a lot. Why? Thats 100% block


Do you have the epiphany set? You need 3 piece of epiphany to get your block up past the cap to 81% which gets you high enough that 20% bulwark gets you to 100.




nah I’m at 75% block base but pulling an extra 25% from bulwark