One punch cyclone build (100% block)3.0 [BUILD]


Bulwark 40 is 20% block chance. You still need a 5% block chance.


Yeah but bulwark has a chance to stack. Not always but sometimes. 95% block is pretty big though but not 100%. Though you can actually get block cap 84% with epiphany (8) but that will mean more set slots taken.


The 20% block from bulwark talents and the 5% block from bulwark pet don’t stack?


40 points on any talent is the max u can get. So having 40 bulwark will result to 20% block. Assuming u have 20 bulwark on item and 10 on pet plus the 20 from the item piece (ring), you will still get 40 points on bulwark. The other 10 is useless. So what you need to do is to get an 80% block (base).

You can’t have 25% block from 40 bulwark. 40 bulwark = 20% block for 5s. Check again your affixes.


talents cap at 40, bro


O well darn, thank you


I have failed you guys i apologize deeply with all my heart. I couldn’t upload a video because ive lost it and i got really busy with life. Sorry for the unanswered questions and thanks to the older members here that gave the effort to share their knowledge. Again i am so sorry


I see. Thanks for letting us know, its understandable but I’m sorry about your lost video.


Thank you for understanding :blush::blush:


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How about “Near zero life regen bosses”? It work?


This is a x2 crushing flames, x1 frozen build, it one shots everything…

Yes it will work. But its not a ‘normal’ build, it uses certain mechanics to scale infinitly


This “one punch” work if boss is alone or only with minions around? And main attack Kcharge works too? Thanks!!!


at the bottom of the original post, he says the build works with other monsters around, so the boss gets it’s HP lowered with Crushing Flames, and as soon as the other monsters get killed while in Freeze and then explode with Frozen, the damage gets up high enough to kill the boss while it’s HP is still low. something like that. he is using Whirlwind, which attacks 4x a second, and that gets increased with Whirlwind 40, which lowers the HP fast with Crushing Flames. I don’t know how Whirlwind compares to Knightscharge, so if they are different enough, it might not work with this kind of build. or the build might need to be changed a little to make it work.

looks like he brings enough monsters close to the boss, then uses Taunt with Ice to Freeze them all together, then Whirlwind with Fire to crush them all dead with a Frozen Flame combination.