Orbit - Discordance Orb Reactor Wizard (PvP)


That’s true :smiley: although Bewilder and other damage adding Talents would be missing. So a bit less damage I guess, and no teleport :yum: worth a shot though! Maybe I’m bored in the next few days :relaxed:


You should try doing this build but using twister for Discordance twister. I can see this build being a powerful for with twisters and as AI, maybe it would still be powerful. Twister procs in my build are so powerful that if one gets caught, they can sometimes be done for online and offline. That taunt is too good. Well the stack debuff and all those bonuses seem to make twister op like it does orb due to discordance effect as well. It’s 2 sec cooldown though but for your build, it would be spam twisters and with other procs to trap opponent.


Can I roll Hunger Affix in amethyst?


No you cannot hunger is drop only :smile:


Thanks ! Senpaii :wink: , before I try this build to get eternal league. Coz I haven’t been in that league I’m tired seeing so many cheaters in Mythic division 1


If you have the time you should screenshot them all and post them in the reports thread it’s always nice to shrink the cheater population but yeah I wish you luck :smile:


Yeah I have but, my internet wasn’t able to post them, later I’ll try .


How do i get hunger set affix? I mean is it class restricted or just pure randomness?


Hunger is jaspered from Rogue (class exclusive and cannot be obtained by crystal) and only found for Bow, Trap, Vest or Hood on M3 floors 800+ :wink:


Basically keep on farming like mad until you get the hunger legends you wanted. I remember the hunger idea was a dream but now it’s a crazy reality that I’m glad steigerbox created and us testers testing it.


Uploading… Thanks to your disordance-reactor build I already reach eternal from legend top 10% to eternal div.5 top 25 Whooooo! Even I don’t put Hunger, I just pus berserker and rage I’ll post my craft later THANKS THANKS​:innocent::innocent::smile:


This is my own craft disordance-reactor build :smile: inspired by midlumer .


Nice :blush:!! Glad that my build lives on and I could help you to reach Div 1! Keep on going :wink: didn’t think I could get to the top at first either!


Yeah ! The first build ived build for PvP, and it doesnt cost that much ! I’m lucky to get some crystalline items with Atk SPD. And just used some topaz for epic affix . I think this build is the most cheap yet a full potential in PvP . Now I’m planning to make a DPs warrior for PvE . Can you suggest something basic in making DPs warrior ? What element would it be?


I agree with that. My build is fairly cheap too but what held me back was the time to find the legends I needed and Obsidian trolling me on the last piece of gear but the other gear it works fine. The cheaper but updated version though I didn’t post yet on my build guide but it’s definitely far better than what I have right now.


Yes, that’s true . I only needed 3 amethyst to reroll the set affix on some gears coz I didn’t fit to the build. Like my orb previously aftermath to living force , the masochist amulet to Plague , and the robe ( not in the photo :joy: ) Druidic (with max mp Regen ) to Reactor of course .

lucky to give them only 1 shot of try. That’s why I spent only 3 amethyst . But planning to change wrap and oh (to Defiant and pathfinder )if I’m lucky to hunt gears with dodge crystal affix.


I guess the hardest part is the Eternal Pet with good Set and Affix, :confused:
I’ll try to drop it first, while stacking crystals and build after already know which set on him i’ll be using.


Me too eternal pet is a pain to hunt, I haven’t craft farming build I just use some sort of atk and gf with item quantity of my bloodmagic green garden build. And I put eternal boundless cap . For eternal drip when Mobs are easy. I’m farming @ steady 500+.


I got two, one was Seven Deadly Sins, :confused:


When will I get one :sweat::cold_sweat: