Orbit - Discordance Orb Reactor Wizard (PvP)


That’s one more than I have :rage: that’s my only one, right there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think that the chance of get pets is to low…
You need to run 5~10 maps to get 1 Enslaver… After it you have a small chance to get a Legend one and a muuuuch smaller to get it Eternal (even with [8] Eternal)… And if you get it, 1/27 to be the pet you want… And if it’s, still the luck to get nice affixes… :confused:
I killed something like 500 Enslaver so far… Got 6 pets (4 Legends and 2 Eternal), two of those was from codex… None have a good set (3 of they are Elements slimes)… And just the last one I droped have some good affixes (but still Elements)…


Before when I’m new in DQ . And a noob ( I don’t have account yet ) I played warrior and raised him in lvl70+ I had bane and Cerberus . But I deleted it and make wizard =) so it’s my main now. And I got spike x2 , Cerberus x1, Slime x3 ( icicle , heaven , rain ) x1 tink , x1 storm but all are legends! :disappointed_relieved: I got only 3 of them that I think good affix . Like close to perfect roll.


Those slimes were fun for the first few months but over time they just end up multiplying in your stash cause you have such a high chance to get one as a legend+ :smile:


It’s sad. :confused: