Oscars Pain

hi, I am Oscar the Forest Slime, and this is my story. I grew up in the forest, and it was great! when I got cold, I went to the rocks to get some sunshine, and when I was hot, I wandered in the shade under the trees. and when I wanted to play, I went splashing in the stream, because splashing is fun! and it feels good too! but I was lonely. so lonely that it hurt. it was because I was different from the other slimes. like when strangers came to the forest, the others attacked right away, but I hid and observed the strangers. but my difference was my downfall. one time while I was watching the other slimes fighting the strangers (later I found out they were Toons), I was captured and taken away from the forest by another stranger, an Evil Stranger. now I know these Evil Strangers are known as Enslavers. he did horrible experiments on me, and made me do painful things. like when I was hot, walking in circles in the hot sun until I melted, or when I was cold, sitting in a cold dark dungeon until I froze. or when I wanted to play, making me roll around in dirt that didn’t know what water is. I did not know I could live with so much pain in my life. one day, when the Evil One took me out as bait to capture other Pets, he saw a Toon, and attacked! there was a noisy fight, and when it was over, the Toon was victorious. this started my new life with Toons, but it was painful too. Toon don’t consider slimes to be good Pets, but I don’t understand. why do Enslavers want us? and why do Toons rescue us? it hurts to know I am looked down on just because I am a slime. but one day a friend of the Toon who rescued me came by, and asked to adopt me. I was so happy for some reason, that I went with this new Toon in my life. but then came the worst pain ever. no, it wasn’t when we fought other slimes for the first time. and no, it wasn’t when he attacked me while in a battle frenzy. it was when he stopped attacking me, looked at me kind of funny, then dropped his hammer, hugged me, and said, ‘oh Oscar! I’m so sorry! I couldn’t tell you apart from the other slimes, and that’s why I attacked you!’ he couldn’t see the difference between me and the other slimes? I didn’t know I had a heart until it broke. but that was when I resolved to be such a good pet, that when my Toon talked about me with others, it won’t be as ‘my pet slime’, but as ‘my best friend, Oscar the Slime’.

the inspiration for this was finding myself beating up my slime before realizing there were no more monsters attacking me, just my slime waiting to help me on my adventures.


Ouch…poor slimes. When you put it like that now I feel bad for them!!

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well, I noticed that the slime pets stay close to the toon, but the other 3 tend to keep their distance, so sometimes, when the battle animations are flashing around, my pet slime looks like other monster slimes attacking me, until I notice it not taking damage.


Damn ninja cutting onions! I love stories like this! My god you and wildwood should do a piece together and create stories for DQ!


Bravo! My time reading this was really worth it.

And there is also one thing why toons hate them sometimes :joy:. Its because of their Set Affix. I also have a friend named Aether but too bad he has an Elements set affix but the time that i realize that i hurt Aether, I feel bad and regreted on myself then the time has come that i finally accepted him on my adventurer and wont leave him in my Stash ever again :joy:

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well, the hounds are easy to love, they find lots of gold. the fairy’s are easy to love, because they make sure your health bar looks good all the time. and the imps…the gold, orbs, and improved items they give us bring us much joy. the slimes are a little harder to love. no treasure or healing, but they are good if you are focusing on a certain elemental build. can you imagine a Green Garden build with a poison slime? +10% poison damage? not much, but you never know how much is enough. and only some of the slimes have the element affix.

Now that o think of it slimes need to buffed o_O

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