Why does it take so long to level up when you ascend?

Hello I was just here to ask, why does it take so long to level up on dungeon quest when you ascend? I keep getting 3.5K+ exp but I still wont level up to level 2

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Experience for Perks.

  1. 1x
  2. 2x
  3. 3x
  4. 5x
  5. 7x
    6a. 10x
    6b. 14x

as you can see, you need more experience the more Perks you go for. also, since you go to level 1 after choosing a Perk, you have to level up to 99 one last time after choosing Perk 6.

this is why Ascending Builds are important, as you want Quest Stones on all Items for +200% experience. 3 Ascending Sets of level 1, 40, and 100. also, experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so you only need to kill monsters around floor 100-120. you only need higher floors if you are looking for certain items to improve your Ascending Build. there is an experience bonus for all difficulty levels, except for Very Easy.

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5 of these are prime numbers :smiley: .