Patch 1.4.4 Preview - Challenge Maps and New Leaderboards

[size=150]Challenge Maps[/size]
Starting at level 20, you will be able to purchase a new type of item: Maps! We plan on having many types of these Maps, and the first type we have implemented is the “Random Map” Challenge. Random Maps will take you to a random dungeon, with brand new lighting and effects that hopefully adds much needed variety to dungeon running.

[size=150]Climb past floor 200![/size]
These maps are guarded by a mini boss called a Cartographer, who drops a Random Map for the next floor that’s one floor higher. Doing these Maps will allow players to surpass our previous floor limit of 200, and climb our new “Highest Floor” Leaderboards also included in this patch.

There will be “Highest Floor” Leaderboards for each Enemy Power level, so climb ranking at whatever Difficulty you feel most comfortable!

[size=150]Dungeon Tileset Variety[/size]
The new lighting and effect variety we’ve added for these will offer roughly 5 new styles per Dungeon, from Super Dark dungeons to extremely varied as seen below:

[size=150]Map Items[/size]
Maps will have random affixes, much like items, that add different challenges to each map. With each map affix added to the map, the higher the Reward for completing it!

[size=150]Shop Updates[/size]
Maps can also be purchased in the shop at the current floor your character is at starting at 5000g at floor 20, up to 50,000g at floor 200, and beyond! Other shop changes include slightly more expensive potions for players above level 50 and scaling Pet prices that offer lower prices to low level players .

[size=150]Account Connection Issues[/size]
With this new patch we’re moving to a new server solution that should dramatically improve connectivity and our ability to respond to connection issues. To fully move to this solution, we need to update client code, and we’ll be requiring at least version 1.4.4 of Dungeon Quest to connect to the DQ Account System once this new system goes live.

[size=150]Future Content[/size]
We have two large patches coming after 1.4.4:

[ul][li]Patch 1.5 - The Rogue Class[/li]
[li]Patch 1.?.? - New Item System, Enchants/Augments, Socketing System, Hero Point system, and new Map Types[/li][/ul]

The order of these patches depend on a few factors, mainly how quickly the art team progresses on Rogue. If her modeling and animations progress as planned, the Rogue will be out first. Otherwise Patch 1.?.?, which requires no new art, will come before.

Both patches will provide a large amount of content and we’re anxious to get them in as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us know what new Map types you would like to see next here: Poll

When will this patch be released - a few days or weeks?

Looks like we’re going to have a female class! Good to hear :smile:

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We are testing this internally and with the help of some community members. We hope to have all things in order to submit the app next week. Now this patch is a little different and we have to wait to release it on Android at the same time we do the iOS release. Since we are changing over our servers this is a necessity in this case. So we will submit the patch to apple for approval and then release both as soon as Apple gives us the all clear.

I must say I have always been very excited for the future of this game. You guys have been doing great with it and seeing the new things you are doing makes me even more eager for new patches!

I do have a question or two tho.

  1. Are maps going to have values for Xp, luck, gold find and item quantity that can be in the negative?
  2. Are there plans to make other possitive/negative mods on the maps? Ex. Enemies have player talent skills? enemies have +1 attack chance, players have -1 attack chance or players have 10% lower primary stats.
  3. if a map is purchased will you be able to get rare and epic versions from them?
    4a) will there be legendary items unique to maps only?
    4b) If/when there will legendary maps will there be legendary items that are found only in those specific maps

Here are some of my thoughts about the screens

  1. The values for Xp, luck, gold and quantity seem high. Even more so if you compare them to the mods of the map.
  2. The mods on the map are nice but there needs to be some very unique mods on them as well. ex.
    a. Random chance to fight a warrior/wizard/rogue
    b. chests are locked after a set amount of time
    c. your attacks cast a random ability
    d. your summons have a chance to turn against you when summoned
    e. enemies get stronger as time goes on granting higher rewards
  3. With the massive bonus XP from maps is there any plans on making a secondary leveling system (like diablo 3’s paragon system). Otherwise that bonus XP will go to waste fast.

Can’t wait for this patch, this is awesome

Speaking of leaderboards, any news about the Total Reduced Damage leaderboard?

I’m so excited :smile:. Can i join beta testing :smile:

wow wow wow. just awesome. seeing the outstanding work you do on DQ is just awesome. seeing what you have done with this game is ridiculously awesome. a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly, that’s what it is.
looking veryyyy forward to the new update as well as the Rogue class. something like a Paragon Leveling System would be more than suitable for this update/the future of DQ.

awesome work, SHINYBOXgames. :smile:

No negatives yet. Since so far all implemented affixes are “Risks”, they all add to your “Rewards”. When we have special affixes that add bonuses they will likely just add nothing, not take away from overall Map Completion Bonus.

Yup! This is just the start for our Map system :smile: We have 21 map affixes at the moment:

  • % More Enemies Pack Size
  • % More Magic Enemies
  • % More Rare Enemies
  • % More Epic Enemies
  • Enemy Attack Speed Increase
  • Enemy Health Increase
  • Enemy Damage Increase
  • Enemy Movement Speed Increase
  • Enemy Projectile Speed Increase
  • Enemy Resistance Increase
  • Extra Enemy Affixes
  • Enemies Leech Health
  • Monsters fire x additional Projectiles
  • Enemy Heal Over time
  • Enemy X Chance Y Element Immune
  • No Player Pots
  • No Player Leech
  • No Player Regen
  • Dots Last X Longer on Player
  • Explosive Barrels
  • Meteors fall from the sky


There will be yes, but not in this Patch. We haven’t quite decided how we will do it yet, but some of them will even be repeatable! Some Legend maps will allow us to do “Fixed” maps, that will provide the same challenge for all players that we could report on a Leaderboard.

A Timed dungeon, for example, would be set at EP8 at Floor 200+ with a fixed layout and set of affixes that would provide a great challenge.

There very well could :smile:

Those values are just for the Bonus Chest reward at the end. We’re still testing the numbers out and if they are a tad bit high we’ll scale them back.

All great ideas. We’ve thought similarly on fighting a “Nemesis” Wizard/Warrior. The balance on them is tricky if we give them player gear ( which would be easiest for us to implement ) but if we gave them monster stats with player skills we could control the damage / abilities a bit easier so the challenge isn’t so varied.

3) With the massive bonus XP from maps is there any plans on making a secondary leveling system (like diablo 3’s paragon system). Otherwise that bonus XP will go to waste fast.[/quote]
That’s coming in Patch 1.?.? :smile: ( The Bonus XP will apply to Hero Points )

Thank you for reply! :smiley:

This is good news and when this patch effect on our current character? it is available for android already. Like im using now alcatel one touch magic?

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Hi, When u mean augments its like +1+2+3+4…?

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[quote=“Harahell”]Hi, When u mean augments its like +1+2+3+4…?

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Augments will be basically the same as enchants, but will have many more ways to affect/change/upgrade your items. They will be items that you pick up and apply to your weapons/armor from your inventory.

[quote=“warriorkit”]This is good news and when this patch effect on our current character? it is available for android already. Like im using now alcatel one touch magic?

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We’re still testing and fixing bugs, will be out soon ( I don’t have a date ).

Sounds nice, like an extra enchant skill/effect? And socket like diablo 2 xD?

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I’m VERY excited to see the Stocket system! More customization is always welcome.

Another question. Will you be able to modify maps?

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I agree! Hopefully the patch will bring loads to do :smile:

Not yet… with the new augment system, there will be a lot of new rules laid out for altering items, which will be the best place to update what can be done to Maps. I’d figure right now the only useful “enchant” to apply to Maps would be disenchant to make them easier, but as we add to the Maps and have potential desirable affixes ( “Boss drops X legends” which is not implemented now ), enchanting and rerolling would make more sense.

Essentially the plan is to use what we have for Maps in 1.4.4 as a base, and work in more interesting features over time. Ideas on what you guys would like to see are more than welcome!

Enemies split in 2 upon death (the split enemies cannot split again)

I made a forum topic for map ideas here. . … 4514#p4514

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Rips hair out waiting for the patch:x

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Patch is officially submitted now, which means we’re at the mercy of Apple’s review schedule ( which is typically 3-4 days ).

Yay! !!

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