Patch 1.4 - Released!

:open_mouth: What a great patch!!! This game has just blown my mind! The new visuals are great! The Ai is neater the new destroyables are awesome and i really think this game jusy went to a new level of fun and playability!
I must say best patch so far, still pushin to see better summons but well done 100/100.
Only one small personal issue for me and that is my poor phone lol. Im running this game on a samsung galaxy mini… So performance for me has decreased even on low fx. If this could be optimized then great.
I hope to get a samsung galaxy S4 soon and I cant wait till i do so i can see the high fx setting.

Overall best RPG on Android or IOS you listen to us and implement our ideas and your support services are THE best i have EVER dealt with! Go DQ dev team! 10/10

Noooo! You added a cool down to Throw Weapon! This vastly changes my strategy. So much has changed…rate of leech, dps output!

It does look like an exciting patch, though!

Edit: I see you increased it’s damage and there is also an affix to reduce cool downs. Cool.

Thanks very much! We hope our players enjoy the new content. This patch would not have been possible without the support of our community. Players spent their own time to help us test out this new patch, and we are grateful to have such fantastic people who are fans of our game.

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Don’t be posh Todd. We are the ones blessed with the ability to test your countless builds, not you to have us to test them. I very much enjoy helping where I can. Especially if it means I get to see content before others ;p. Keep up the great work, the awesome personalities, and the amazing responsibility of business, and you guys will go further than you’d ever imagine.

I agree. This is one of those games that feels like everyone on the team is a bunch of fans that meet in a big room and just have a blast talking about things like ‘wouldn’t it be cool if?’ and someone else would be like ‘Oh yeah, totally!’ then someone says ‘Whoa, that’d be great! and what if we…’ Those games always end up being the most fun, I think.

Except they’re less of a think tank and more of a “let the fans decide, and we will slightly edit their ideas to best suit the general public’s interest” tank.

I love how much control they allow us as players to have over the creation and eventual outcome of the game.

hi! badly need help. game crashes evrytime and its so lag evrytime I open the map. Everytime I encounter enemies it went so lag. I adjusted evrything already but it shows no progress.

this may help, mate:


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stonecold only shows “x% Ice Damage”… there is no" increase armor by x%"… just wanted to mention this :smiley:

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What type of device are you using? Can you give me the model number and android version of that device?

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pls… how is it possible to have 271b xp?! … thats just insane! :open_mouth:

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Maybe he’s been playing every day for hours since 1.0! XD it’s… doable.

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Not even. 2.1B was the max up until 1.3.4(test build). I imagine it was a tester(I have yet to check leaderboards) that has been camping the high floors.

But how does that explain the other people at 80B, etc?

Actually, when I switched to test, my XP jumped from 2.1B to 4+B (displayed). The display is capped in 1.3.4, but not the actual XP, I reckon.

Epic update, guys (and gals?)! I love what you’ve done with it. The hiring idea is fantastic!

Huh… never realized that. I’m gonna jump to 1.3.2 and abuse the shoot out of a glitch and verify this.

If you guys want to track this out of game: Ranking

awwww still 1st in dps… question is: how long? :smiley:

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Cheers bookmarked it. ty Chris! :smile:

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[quote=“CentraBPM”]awwww still 1st in dps… question is: how long? :smiley:

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Until I stack DPS of course :smiling_imp:

LOL jk. I’m more into clear speed and finding new builds :smiley: