Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes

Do you have a list of what items can be unlocked on that certain levels?

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Could you clarify yourself please?
Yeah, the cyan bug and character image are known bugs, since they are all minor bugs, they will only get fixed, if the dev (Steiger) has time. :smile:

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This is what it looks like after turning hud on and off,

This is what it looks like with hud on.

Normally the “R3” isnt there when i lopad the game, it also goes back to normal after closing and reopening the game
Also i think it should have said “R2” instead but im not too sure on that

I see… Thanks for the bug report. Noted. :smile:

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For me this is a major concern due to the fact that when using AppleTV and a steelseries Nimbus game controller there is no way to open up my hirelings inventory. Which makes the game unplayable on the Apple TV unless you use the Apple remote. In my opinion that is not an option . I don’t think there’s any action on this controller that maps to R3. this is the game controller that is sold by Apple for Apple TV.

When playing on the iPad or the iPhone this isn’t an issue since you can use the touchscreen to open up the inventory.

On a positive note this game controller absolutely rocks for playing DQ on IOS devices. Don’t quote me but I think this game controller is also compatible for the android devices

5 fire aura
10 ice aura
15 electric aura
20 poison aura
25 arcane aura
30 angelic aura
35 demonic aura

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Thanks, time to grind some EXP :wink:

Hi zzaz,

We most surely feel your pain here. AppleTV has been a very interesting learning experience on our end. Our game really only works well sans touch screen if you have a controller and apple has a few requirements (for the Apple TV) that require the Siri remote be full supported in the game and controllers supported after the fact.

We did our best to support Siri remote (thanks to our Wii dev background and Golex’s awesomeness) and were really happy with that support and the support we could offer for full controller users.

We got approved the first time through and when we went back to fix the issues you mention unfortunately our submission was rejected by Apple.

They added a few other requirements for Apple TV that (due to the engine tech we used for this game) we cannot accomplish. If we can find someway to get these issues fixed we will most certainly release a fixed version for Apple TV.

Thanks for playing on multiple devices, we appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Which of these affixes are exclusive and for what class?

Aethereal - Wizard.
Scoundrel - Wizard and Warrior.
Smoke Screen - Rogue.
Berserker - Warrior.

The first two can be rolled on those classes.

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@Skaul, thank you!

I was doing some grinding today on the maps and noticed something weird. Was playing with warrior and had my wizard as hireling. Both have inferno and immolation. map ha plus mob %. So as i swept through the large groups of mobs id taunt and pull them all in. I started to notice that quite a few mobs had turned flame red like they were on fire, they had no health bar and didnt attack me but my hireling kept trying to attack them. I tried attacking them but no dmg was being delt to them. Was annoying because they kept destracting my hireling. Possible bug? Just thought id let you all know.

i experienced the same thing too, except that invincible mobs keep following and attacking me :sweat:


is there any ETA for 2.1 on Apple TV? I play on my mobile through the day, but in the evening, sitting on my couch, I play on the Apple tv. iOS is 2.1, the apple tv is 2.0 i suppose (e.g. Larimar is rerolling on iOS, but adding on apple tv).

Is it inadvisable to sync and play my account between mobile and apple tv with their different versions?

Thanks in advance & best regards

There’s been a bunch of discussion about those. We tend to call them Zombies. This is probably the most recent discussion about them.

I’m still on 2.0 due to an issue with Amazon… I see that potions are no longer sold in 2.1. Is my existing stash carried over? I’m thinking about whether to buy a ton of them before i get upgraded

It’s not sold but it’s not gone. You just dont have to buy anymore. There’s still heal and mana button but it now has cooldown and free.

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Ya happened again to me last night and some attacked this time…hope it gets fixed.

The only way to prevent getting Zombies is avoid %packsize maps at the moment.

I have questions about these two points:

  1. So does this mean that I could be farming on the right floor number, but because I’m on EP5 instead of EP8, that I’d never see the drop because it only drops on M3?
    2)The LegendEx only says “from powerful enemies.” What constitutes as a “powerful enemy”?
  2. Is there a way the LegendEx can say “Drops on floors 200+ on M2+” or something? Or for a specific range: “Drops from floors 185-199 when on EP6-8”?

My main reason for asking this is because I’m currently hunting a Vaccuus, and that’s all the LegendEx says… “from powerful enemies” lol.