Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • Features
    • Ascension - Reset your character's level from 99 to 1 and choose one of the following powerful perk that improves loot and rewards (you can Ascend a total of 6 times):
      • Accomplished - Requirement to complete Feats reduced by 25% ( rounded up )
      • Enshrined - Increase effectiveness of Shrines by 300% and increases Shrine Count by 1
      • Hunter - Shrines now always spawn 1-3 Epic Enemies ( does not stack with Hunter mythic )
      • Treasured - Increased chance for Eternal and Crystal Legends by 300%
      • Fortunate - Adds 200% Luck and Gold Find to drops ( beyond cap ), increase pick-up radius by 5yd
      • Dealer - Increased gold value from selling items by 1000%
    • Each Ascension Level earned gives a new portrait frame
    • Dependent Affixes - Dependent Affixes give a bonus once you reach the requirement described on the affix.
    • Negative Affixes - purely negative affix that is put on very powerful items.
    • 9 New Sets
      • Aethereal Drain - Increases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank)% and Total MP by (rank2)%, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen
      • Scoundrel - Skills -> Quick Attack and BlinkStrike. (rank)% to cast Sentry on attack, (rank2)% to cast Stealth on hit
      • Seven Deadly Sins - Increases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank)% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.
      • Masochism - Increase DMG by (rank)% while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you.
      • Smoke Screen - Smokebombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards
      • Cerebral Vortex Increases MP and Total Resist% by (rank). (rank2)% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you
      • Mayhem - For each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain (rank)% Proc DMG and (rank2)% Chance to Stun on all attacks
      • Epiphany - Increases all stat caps by (rank)%
      • Berserker - Chance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank)% HP.
    • 4 New Affixes
      • Taunt Immune - Cannot be Taunted
      • All Healing - Increases Healing by HP on Hit, Regen, Potions and Orbs by (rank)%
      • Push the Limit - Increases Resource Cost and Total Dmg by (rank)%
      • Barbarian - Increases (rank)% DMG at the cost of (rank)% Total Resource
    • 46 New Legends
    • 20 New Dependent Affixes
    • Random pet purchases have returned, now gives a random pet of the chosen type
  • Battle Arena
    • You are now matched against players with ratings similar to your own
    • You are now placed in a division relating to your progression in your current league ( I - top 10%, III - top 30%, X - bottom 10% )
    • Leagues and league promotion is now based on rating. If you meet the percentage requirements of all players, you will be promoted.
      • Eternal - Top 1%
      • Mythic - Top 5%
      • Legend - Top 25%
      • Epic - Top 50%
      • Rare - Top 70%
      • Magic - Top 90%
      • Common - Everyone Else
    • You now gain experience towards your "Arena Level" for each game you play. You'll gain more experience for wins than you will for losses. Arena Level is used to unlock vanity items.
    • Reward chests earned in battle arena now have a chance to be Rare, Epic, Legend or Eternal
  • UI
    • Level Crystal's action is now blocked when it can't increase the level
    • Apply window now closes automatically after applying mythstone
    • Added Commas on long forms of gold
    • Adding option to toggle floating and stationary vstick
    • Legendex now shows all requirements needed for Legend drops
    • Mode screen for Battle Arena now shows Aura progress
    • Multi Attack is now used properly in DPS calculations
    • Updating Stats UI to show Adventure Stats in the 5th panel instead of ranking
    • Exposing eternal's affixes in all leagues
    • Now displaying 1v1 Reward Chests as "Reward Chests", no longer rewarded different chest types ( 1v1 vs 2v2 ) from arena victories
    • Applying disenchant to an item now removes any special name applied
  • Gameplay
    • Crystals and Mythstones drop rarity is now boost by current floor. Each 100 floors ( up to 500 ) boost the rarity of drops by 1
    • Reducing the range of TnT Prop's explosion by 50%
    • Loot Imps, Legend Enemies, and Mythic enemies now always drop legend items
    • Potions are no longer purchased, and have a cooldown of 5 seconds
    • Reduced frequency of Health and Mana Orb drops by 33%
    • Increase cost of challenge map respawn for each death
    • Dispel now also makes hero immune to CC for 1 second
    • Imp has learned how to pick up more than 1 item at a time
    • Experienced gained for Magic+ Enemies has been lowered by at least 33%
    • Imp's loot drop animation speed has been increased by 5x
    • Some legend items now have difficulty requirements to drop
  • Design
    • Killswitch damage increased by 200%
    • All Summon Related Affixes have their values doubled
    • All Immunity Affixes can now be rolled with Ruby
    • Mana Cost reduction replaced with increased Redirect Count for Guided Shot's Heroic Skill.
    • Guided Shots ability to redirect arrows has been reduced to one redirect per arrow.
    • Coat Weapon buff is now consumed quicker after causing a crit
    • Coat Weapon buff is now properly consumes from timers and from Elemental Crits
    • Vanish Changed to - Casts Stealth and Blinds all nearby enemies
    • Stealth now lasts 1 second. Can be improved by 400% from Hero Skill
    • Stealth now reduces damage dealt by 50% during duration
    • Veil no longer increases Stealth duration, but increases damage dealt when Stealthed. ( 2.5% per rank, 100% Max )
    • Ninja's Quick Attack now has a 1 second cooldown to activate
    • Health from HP affixes now give up to 10000 per affix
    • Resourceful Mythic changed to - Resource orbs now cause an explode for 100% MH DMG instead of restoring HP or MP
    • Phalanx now has a 2.5% Chance per talent and 2 second cooldown
    • Regeneration now adds up to 2000 all regen per affix
    • Increased max value of all skill and all talent by 1
    • Dependent Affixes added to the following Sets
      • Ascendent
      • Druidic
      • Plagued
      • Electrified
      • Aftermath
      • Permafrost
      • Inferno
      • Zealotry
      • Pathfinder
      • Nadroji
    • Pathfinder changed to - Reduces DMG taken by (rank)% of total Dodge, Increases DMG dealt by (rank)% of total Dodge
    • Wizardry and Aethereal both add directly to Elemental Critical stat, instead of adding separately
  • Crystals
    • Angelite ( Enchant ) changed to: Adds a random Normal or Epic affix
    • Larimar ( Add Affix ) changed to: Larimar ( Reroll Affixes ) - Rerolls all affixes on an item to new affixes in the same available affix pool
    • Angelite now allowed on Eternals with missing affixes
    • Jasper can now be used on Eternals
    • Obsidian and Elixer now have salvage costs
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixing issues with Spawning that was creating invulnerable enemies
    • Fix for DPS value for item panel in inventory not correctly using multipliers from primary attacks
    • Using correct values now for affix descriptions that increase Talents
    • Fix for "LF projectile gets overshot while going to inventory and back"
    • Summon Fury skill now shows on stats screen
    • Pickup radius should properly improve radius of pet pickups
    • Improving performance for loot sensors and cases where inventory is full
    • Fix for "Hero XP level 99 shows 333333344 instead of 0"
    • Fixed issue with Guided Shot lasting too long for its speed ( Distance should have been 25y, was 37.5y )
    • Reworking Shrine generation to avoid overlaps with other shrines/pools/spawns
    • Fix for "Identify one single item is 10x expensive than all identify"
    • Feats now save properly when bonus is achieved.
    • Fixing issue with vanity skins showing improperly on hirelings
    • Fixing shop links for boosts from loading screen
    • Combat text should no longer block button presses
    • Fix for "Hirelings doesn't get the 3 second invulnerability upon reviving"
    • Cooldown Reduction now works primary skills
    • Fix for larimar on map
    • Fix for dmg to stunned enemy description
    • Fix for "Setting: Joystick declared as V-stick Size"
    • Fix for "DMG Explosive harm the caster in the arena too"
    • Fix for issue preventing MOTD images from being cached properly ( huge reduction in data consumption )
    • Fix for "Converting maps with max reached floor, will still cause fee, although nothing happens"
    • Fix for "Skyfall appears in the arena after challenge a skyfall map"
    • Fix for "Game freezes during the potion tutorial, if the potion is on cooldown"
    • Fix for "The activate popup for shrine appears for hireling, although the main char is too far away"
    • Fix for "Mana Orbs doesn't work for hireling, if your main has Blood magic set/Mythic"
    • Fix for "Bloodmagic needs more HP to cast a spell than required"
    • MP on Hit now works with all resources systems ( except Blood Magic )
    • Fix for "Converting items with full inventory cause loss of gold"
    • Fix for "Opening arena chest in premium stash 1 & 2 will deduct amount of gold"
    • Fix for "Elemental Critical description shows that to gives bonus Torrent instead of Paralyze"
    • Fix for picking up items and other sensor related issues while paused.
    • Removing spell effects when using dispel Dispel's cooldown now functions properly ( immune to CC for 1 sec )
    • Torrent now casts in a straight line
    • Fixing issue with spending too fast on hero points, creating a negative count
    • Fixing issue with boost UI after earning a free boost
    • Fixing an issue with floating vstick and appearing during taps
    • Fixed default's damage in battle arena
    • Fixed issue with potions not activating for hirelings under certain circumstances
    • Fixed an issue with Eternal Mythical items being renamed after adding a Mythic Affix.
    • Fixing some issues with floor requirements and legends
    • Fixing issue with Larimar breaking equipped items w/ MS inserted. 


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I’m loving the updates and the balance for pvp. Thank you for continuing to improve the game. Pathfinder is <3

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What is the cap of arena level, sir @SteigerBox

Do legend pets come from the shop pet?

damn my new tablet was faulty and this update came out while I’m with out a device rip me the update looks fantastic though :smiley: quick question will the new dependant affixes force themselves onto previously crafted gear?

i have eternal pathfinder pet and in 2.0 i was like. :unamused: mehhh. 2.1 its wow. :heart_eyes:

Are the new affixes obtainable via Ruby? i.e. push the limit, barbarian

No. They are drop only.

i dont know if this happen to other ppl… but sometimes… after 2-3 hour grinding… DQ start to crash… it not happen before update… since i always grinding up to 4 hour per session… when i restart the DQ… it work just fine… but crash again after 2-3 hour… not that it problem… but what if there was some loot i not yet get… and boom… i crash without taking that loot… i sure cost me… but in mini prob i guess… if there was no solution… im ok with it… but if there was solution… thank a lot… :heart_eyes:

My understanding is that dependent affix can’t be removed. Is there any concern that adding these to old items will make legacy items substantially more powerful (in some cases) than new items?

Hey! Thanks for the report. Noted.

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No, you have to farm them again,.

I think the issue with adding the new affixes to older legacy items is that you’d have to remove some affix to make room for it. How to choose which affix to remove? Many crafters would likely be upset.

Well you…can’t farm them, can you? For example, a Nadroji Robe with 100% ED and no dependent affix (which is useless for a dps and/or hireling build).

Benzonia, I know you can’t add them to old items. The old items, it seems, will just be permanently better than any new items by one affix (in cases where the dependent affix is undesirable).

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You can use Kyanite for removing specific affixes (except Crystal, Dependent, Negative, Mythic affixes). Or what do you mean? I don’t really get your question.

There won’t be any changes for items, that has been already dropped before 2.1.
Yes, you cannot obtain them anymore.

Am I gonna have to spend money to test the pet thing? :smile:

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