Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1



Ahh, I see. It’s just that when I’m leveling my hireling in level 700+ maps, they are only getting two levels per map, at around level 25.

Also, what will happen to our stats? Will they get reset? Or new ones will be added per level above the 299 stats at level 99? :smiley:


You start with 5,5,5 again.

Getting to 50 is easy. Getting to 99 is another matter. There’s your challenge :grimacing:


yay 2.1 :smiley:
Been busy myself the past few days :<

Perks is so awesome :smile:


Had a harder time on getting to 50 XD well that’s my preference anyway :smiley:


I don’t mind raising each ascension more then that. IMO. I like the challenge. I rather play campaign then arena any day.


Uhm, when will be the update launch?
So that I can prepare my items hahaha :3


As they said before. When ever they decide to release it. They still got some stuff to work out. Could be a month could be 3. I’m sure they wanna smash some of the bugs before they do.


3 months to create a grinding set :3


Naw. looking at past record. when DQ release a preview. means the date is not far away. unless some grave error comes up.


Does the Treasured perk stack with Eternalized and Crystalline gear? I notice that the perk doesn’t include crystal rarity. If not, is it additive or multiplicative?

If I have killed, say, 175 enslavers, and get the accomplished perk, do I immediately complete the Feat? Or what happens?

How does the gold scale? In the same way as exp required?


So, when I level the new character he can use the items I’ve already found?


Yes, if he is high enough level. So ilvl 100 items he will have to be level 50 first to use.


Hello will it be able to ascend more than once ? And will the new patch make it possible to convert crystals faster ?


Yes… they talk about multiple ascends. Start white > blue > yellow > orange > red > cyan > green, it looks like. 6 ascends for 6 perks.


Ascension is like rebirth am I right? I love the thumbnail of the characters now. Sweet. Nice update.


Cool update how many time we can repeat it?


Little clarification, Once you Ascend, your Hero’s level and stats will be reset to 1, and all of your equipped gear will be unequipped. You’ll also earn a new colored frame that shows your Ascension Rank.

So, you need to be level 99 again to equip your items (your dream set) ?



You need to reach lvl 50 to 're equip it gears


So, we don’t need to hunt low leveled items (preparation for the update) because it’s useless?


Well unless they change it. That is what it is now. I got 4 lvl 99s one 81 an 1 24. An if you try to equip a gear it will tell you what lol you need to reach it. Its usually half of what lol it is.