Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


Last question, if you do reset to your character, is hero point affected?


Nevermind, hero points aren’t affected. (Slow net, I didn’t read the replies in this thread.)


When is the exact date it will release?


Ascension is a feature, which should be more of a long-term goal to complete than something, that can be achieved in just a few hours. The first ascensions will be “easy” to complete, it then gets harder and harder to complete. Ascension is optional and not something that is obligated to do. But it surely will improve your PvM experience in the end. Maybe you’re the type of player who focuses on “only” getting to Ascension 3, unlock 3 perks and that’s it.Or just never ascend. It will be up to you. :slight_smile:


As each ascension sets level and stats back to 1, will it change the gold cost for respec stats?




Hopefully they make adding large numbers of stat points easier/faster! It’s rather annoying atm.


Is new Patch Available now?


No; no release date yet.


Extremely looking forward to it!!! :smile:


I read somewhere here in the forum(already forgotten which thread) that pierce chance from zenith isn’t working. will it be fixed in 2.1?


Stealth will be tweaked as well in this update. More to come… :wink:


thanks for more infos,

Have u got your last eternal.? i mean eternal ragnarok lol. seem like it will be more easier to get eternal on your patch


When you say not far is that more like 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months (no guarantee no matter what, I understand)? Certain things I don’t want to do if the patch is super close, but if it is further away then I want to build anyway because it looks like many new items only drop at high floors and high difficulties, which I am very far away from.


There is no ETA yet :slight_smile:
It is ready, if it is.


Businesses always have an ETA! They just often don’t share them XD. I didn’t know if someone with past experience could estimate. Oh well!


Asking and pushing in this thread won’t speed up the release date :slight_smile:


I know! That’s why I targeted illuriouz who already made a half-guess, and not some employee :slight_smile:


Let’s pretend, there wasn’t any guesses, since the devs haven’t released any official ETA yet :smile:


Nah, not all. Getting eternals might be easier, but Extremely Rare Legends in Eternal Versions are still very hard to get.