Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 2


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In the previous blog we covered Ascension and its multiple benefits. However, it wouldn’t be a great DQ Patch if we didn’t have new items to look forward to, so now we will cover all the new items and item mechanics you can look expect to find in Patch 2.1!

#New Affix Types

To accomplish some of the goals we have for Itemization, we implemented two new Affix types. These affixes should add some interesting mechanics to our item system.

##Dependent Affixes

The first new type of Affix that you will see on both old and new items are Dependent Affixes. Dependent Affixes give a bonus once you reach the requirement described on the affix. The layout for these affixes will follow this formula:

Dependent Affix - Gain A( Amount ) B( Stat or Effect ) when you have at least C( Amount ) of D( Stat, Set Number or Other Requirement ).

The goal for these affixes is to encourage gearing a bit differently than you normally would and rewarding you for the effort.

There will be a total of 20 Dependent Affixes added in 2.1, spread across newly introduced items and old favorites. In future patches we’ll add many more and work on ensuring that each of the bonuses are worth the gearing requirements.

##Negative Affixes

While there have been Affixes before that give a negative effects, there has never been Affixes that are purely negative. We decided to try mechanic out in a new set, the Seven Deadly Sins. The idea is that you will have to overcome the harmful effect of the Negative Affix by reaching the goal of the Dependent Affix also on the item. It’s also important to note that Negative Affixes cannot be removed!

In the future we would like to add Negative Affixes to Legend items with highly desired/powerful effects as a trade-off for the desired effect.

#New Sets

Patch 2.1 will introduce 9 new sets, many of which came from our very own DQ Testers!

  • Aethereal Drain - Increases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank)% and Total MP by (rank2)%, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen
  • Scoundrel - Skills -> Quick Attack and BlinkStrike. (rank)% to cast Sentry on attack, (rank2)% to cast Stealth on hit
  • Seven Deadly Sins - Increases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank)% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.
  • Masochism - Increase DMG by (rank)% while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you.
  • Smoke Screen - Smokebombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards
  • Cerebral Vortex Increases MP and Total Resist% by (rank). (rank2)% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you
  • Mayhem - For each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain (rank)% Proc DMG and (rank2)% Chance to Stun on all attacks
  • Epiphany - Increases all stat caps by (rank)%
  • Berserker - Chance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank)% HP.

As you can see, we will finally have the much requested Rogue version of the sets that give other class abilities (i.e. Battle Mage and Spellsword)!

New Affixes

We’re adding Taunt to the list of available Immune Affixes, and finally allowing all Immune affixes to be rolled using Ruby! The other new affixes will only be utilized by some of new Legend items for now, but might be added to old Legend items in the future.

  • Taunt Immune - Cannot be Taunted
  • All Healing - Increases Healing by HP on Hit, Regen, Potions and Orbs by (rank)%
  • Push the Limit - Increases Resource Cost and Total Dmg by (rank)%
  • Barbarian - Increases (rank)% DMG at the cost of (rank)% Total Resource

Patch Notes Coming Soon

We are working hard on finishing up Patch 2.1, and should be submitting the patch for review very soon. While we don’t have a date yet for release, we are in the final stages of getting our patch ready for submission which can take a few week depending on the platform, as long as we don’t have any issues! We appreciate everyone’s support and patience while we finish development for 2.1, it really means a lot to us!

Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer
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So +all set can stack now with seven deadly sin?


Nope, it still sets +All Set to zero.


Basically sets (0)? thanks


It basically makes it so that while using Deadly Sins, that you just can’t use +All Sets to increase the value of Sets on gear.


This is cool :slight_smile:


Yes, yes, yes, and more yes.


Is dependent affix only available on eternal version of the new items?


Will be on both Eternal and non-Eternal Legends. :slight_smile:


Hmm, so if i have two health affixes for +15% on two gears would that increase overall by 35% or each by 35%?
Oh no i understand it now, all percentages increased by 35% so 15%*135%=about 20%


There’s a spelling mistake on the seven deadly sins discription lol


Nice catch :slight_smile:


And im confused about wraith description… Its a double negative? So is it buff or debuff?


In the same way we describe stats being increased by +number, wrath is decreasing by -number. I get what you mean though.


Finally, all immune affixes will be available via Ruby. That’s two thumbs up. We will no longer be forced to use Nadroji chest and head gear and we can now work on having Eternal chest and head gear in our set. Kudos to you guys.


And Wrath is in pink text? What’s going on there? It’s a new affix, I get it, but what does the pink represent? For that matter, what is the teal affix (+Patience)? Another new tier of affix category?

Also, did anyone else notice the +67.5% DMG mythic affix on that eternal Meliodas? I thought Endow mythstone gave +50% DMG.


Any interest in giving away whether the Nadroji Bonus dependent affix will appear on all Nadroji items (ring+amulet) or just the pictured chest piece? Would help my build designing if you revealed that… =)


Don’t want to sound like a douche but please read post number one again. Come on, come on.

Pink is negative affix, and endow is also increased with Seven Deadly’s set effect


Will our current, unedited gear be changed or will we have to refind all of this, either way it doesnt bother me because it will happen eventually but im just curious