Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 2


With how much normal legends can be modified, we’ll likely never retroactively update legend items. For the new affixes, you’ll have to find the new versions :smile:


[Fluff] Path of Exile also having their next expansion call Ascendancy … coincindence? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hahahha keep up the good work guys, this game is getting more interesting :wink: good job


Sir do you planning for the guild war of the next update on dq?Pls make a guild war because it is very interesting to play,
Im only suggesting


We actually were going to call it rebirth at the beginning (the idea is well over a year old), but renamed it to Ascension which felt like it matched our theme better. Then PoE announced their expansion a few months later :smile:


Yep, read the post again (four times total now, btw) and nowhere does it say (or even hint) that negative affixes are pink. In fact, upon re-read, I still feel like that section implies that Seven Deadly Sins is the negative affix referenced, which is obviously in green. I wouldn’t go so far as to call you a douche, but I also really don’t think it was unreasonable or careless of me to be confused by that.

At any rate, thanks for clarifying that Wrath was the negative affix mentioned there, which explains the pink.


The OP is clear enough to suggest that the pink is the negative affix, seeing that the format (no.)Set Name was always the set affix ever since.

Which implies that the new pink affixes we see here are purely negative and have no bonuses.

Anyway, clarified.


Awesome!!! Even thou i havent had much time to play the past month. I really cant wait for the campaign update. Freakin suhweet shinybox team. An my i ask where did the name shinybox originate from?


I’d love to say it was something really deep and meaningful, but I believe it was just the name that received the most amount of votes :smile:


2.1 is out on Android! Enjoy, peeps!


Just downloaded mine. Awesome!



Out on android??? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: iPhone! Cmon! Haha dying here waiting


Haha, you say that pink are negative but youve now set me a goal to make one useful :joy::yum:


Welllllll… good luck. Lots of luck.


Is the “find any item anywhere” thing still in effect?


Question about the affix scaundrel. When cast stealth? before hit or after hit? When hitting the hero or when the hero hits an enemy? sorry for my English)


Note the stealth “on hit”…


but i just got my nadroji robe… LOL… welll… seven deadly sin sound promising… dunno if i will use it… but it promising


We had to get out a bit early on android to try to get DQ qualified for an event the google play store is having this week that supports their “Quests” feature in google play games.

Apple is submitted and should be ready soon. We will blast out details as soon as its ready for release.

Why ios don,t update to ver 2.1?

I don’t understand this. A random skin?

Also, I was ranked around 500th globally in PVP yesterday, making pathetic attempts for Eternal league, and, upon updating, I checked out the arena, saw some new stuff, and tried it out. First fight I win and achieve Eternal league.
Not sure what happened.

Also, I use a farming hireling. If I were to ascend the hireling, would the Ascension perks function a hireling? Or will it be like crystalline, etc.