Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 2


i having some problem of leveling my item while lvling my ascend char… every time i use peridot to my item… i jump to lvl 80-100… well…


Hey! Yes, it’s a known bug. Thanks for the bug report.


About the eternal league:

About Hireling: Ascension perks, which are active on the hireling doesn’t work.
Pet: It’s a random pet without premium skin.


this random pet… do we had chance getting legend pet…,? from shop…?


Or what is the lowest and highest, for the lack of better word, rarity of pet we can get from purchasing random pet in shop?


How does that work with the increased vendor price perk? Still based on main char?


When will the update be available for iOS :confounded:can’t wait!


but we have made with the Archer have left it useless in PVP now is much lower with respect to other classes


I don’t understand, what your are writing about. Could you clarify yourself please?


It only works, if the hireling has the Dealer perk active. Otherwise it won’t work for hireling.


So that is the only perk that works on hireling? Easy choice what to pick, then!


What about Amazon? Playing on a Kindle Fire…

edit: or an .apk…


we are working on the submission for amazon now…we have a tiny issue to solve before we can make it live. Coming as soon as we can get it approved.


Looking forward to it! Though I’m not sure there is such a thing as a “tiny issue” in coding…


seven deadly sins including rare legends or not?


Nanatsu no Taizai Reference lol


Or the mortal sins…


that with the rogue bow before winning the battle
but you have taken his reach and now nobody wins
you have left very bad


True. Now, it’s balanced.


now not balanced
It is much lower than other classes