Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 2



Welp, negative affix will be there forever. Can dependant affixes be removed with quartz though or is it the same case as negative affixes.


Here it is :slight_smile: applicable too.


so… negative affix item… if you fell it worth then you keep it… and if not… you just gotta sell it… well… naturally negative affix also come with super buff positive affix right…??


Well, yeah. There are supposed to be some super OP affix combinations on such items


The item names come from the anime if I remember correctly lol


I was testing the new update, but the permafrost bonus do not have effect although I met the requirements, it’s supposed to be 10000MP regen bonus but while I’m using that I see NO effect on my character. My character is wizard with four (4) permaprost equiped.


while testing the perma bonus ,
1-are you in normal floor or map?
2- if map did you check the map affix? make sure it doesnt have regen nerf,

if number 1 then its a bug and should report


Do you have four pieces of gear with permafrost, or do you have +sets that gives you (4) Permafrost? For dependent affixes you need to have that many pieces of gear equipped. +sets doesn’t count!


I think this is really a bug. This is the Affixes and Effects
Permafrost Bonus - Gain 10000MP Regen when you have at least 1 permafrost equipped.

this is the screen shot of it. I added the desperation effect for my combo.


Its 4 perma,


You know that there a lot of other items to hunt, try to explore dq than complaining,


Try wizard there a lots of item on it that has power


@iamgiz Be civil and observe forum etiquettes. You can express your frustration about the items without being offensive


If that is the case then all of us would only be wearing eternals. Trust me anything too much in a game destroys it. In this case too much freedom would cause the game’s downfall.


I hope luck on drop’s limit can gained by epiphany set on next patch