Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 2


Give me an example or numbers. :slight_smile:
Guideshot was bugged before and it was dealing the way too much dmg. Beside of that It was never intended, that Rogue or any other class is dominating in the arena. We are hoping, that the arena gets more balanced by fixing/balancing those skills.
Btw. There are so many other builds, that you could try out.


OMG… guys… you all gotta try new set scoundrel… it… amazing… wizard with aftermath build should really try this… fabulous… cant wait to get lucky with epiphany… :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Quick question (about Calcite CS and Hero MS): I’ve already updated the game yesterday and bought my first ascension perk and have been leveling up till now. So far, I haven’t picked up a single drop of those two. Are those two removed from the drop roll table or what?

No calcite drop?

i dont get crystal from calcite - larimar. lol fortune bringer opness


They’ve made some changes in cs/ms drop ^^


Yes, the devs has made some changes about the droprate of MS/CS. Please wait for the patchnotes :smile:


the problem is that you left the scope of the short arrow
before you could overcome now is no time for the little arrow range, if multishot has more scope guidedshot
my barbarian I earn well
sorry bad english

pve is normal


dude… stop already… this patch make to balance the game… just go with it… there so much other build for rouge than just whining about archer got nerfed…


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Yes, they have change it. Just wait for the patchnotes…


but then it is a bug or error?


I still get lot of larimar but if I built fkrtune bringer and be at floor 500+, i guess i will experience it. As they say about crystal rarity changes affecting per 100 floors.


I managed to get epiphany gauntlet at floor 1 venodor and I was pretty sure that was a high floor drop?


Now is it better to farm floor 500 very easy vs low floor on higher difficulty?


And now you probably won’t see another one again lol


floor drop 7xx


Says that negative affixes can’t be removed, is this true for even using Quartz which can remove crystal and mythic skill even?


Actually i got 3 epiphany gauntlets from low floor vendor and I got a machosism axe on normal floor at floor 196. I did get a scoundrel blade in floor 400+ though. I am trying to farm higher floor anyways and I noticed that legends seem to drop alot less than they used to now but thats probably just me.

Rng troll me by giving me 100 peridots for converting 100 legends with 30 million gold lol. I should have had at least 3 obsidians from all that!


Whether it is a yes or no does not matter. Disenchant deletes bottom affixes first. In the process of (probably) deleting the negative affix, you also delete everything else of that item’s worth.


owh… dont negative affix was the bottom one…?? if i not wrong… from the example up there… negative affix was the last in line right??