Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • Feature
    • New Halloween Vanity Items!
    • New Set, Haunting - 15% chance per rank to cast Fear with any skill that has a CD equal to or over 5 seconds. On Fear, enemies take 20% per rank MH DMG.
    • 4 New Haunting Legend Items
  • Design
    • Crushing Blow damage is now colored to match Mod text color
    • Updating Astral to "For every 100 All Resist, increase ED% by (rank)%"
    • Changing Default MP Regen to be 2% of base mana per second
    • Additional chakrams produced from mirror, specialist, and elements no longer count against Boomerang or Whirling Blades cooldown detection
    • Charge no longer causes Knockback
    • Focus now properly increases WD%
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix for checking Nickname when attempting to open messages Updates to Haunting set
    • Fixing issue with opening large amounts of reward chests at once
    • Fixing issue w/ overlapping skins in preview
    • Fixing issue w/ refreshing skin appearances through Inventory screen
    • Fixing Default MP Regen being added to Affix MP Regen value
    • Fixing Default MP Regen bypassing Aether Drain set

Patch is now available for Android and iOS. Open your messages after you download the patch to receive your free Halloween Skin :smile:


Can upload the game apk on another page or its illegal? Because my Google store is very slow and i want to see new vanity :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Hi! Why is it not yet available on app store?Haven’t found any updates from the app store but saw the box from my messages. Tried to get the box for my character but why is it not on my inventory? Thanks and more powers! :+1:

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Are you referring to the update or the vanity items?

If you updated your game from the Google Play or Apple App store and checked your message queue in game you should be able to equip your vanity items from your inventory screen.

Open your character inventory
Tap on the “Vanity” tab (look at the area that shows your equipped items)
Press on the “Skin” vanity box (bottom right)
You should see the Pumpkin Head Skin there.

Hi! Yeah. Both of the update/patch and the vanity skin for holloween. Tried to delete and re install the game a minute ago. Earlier i checked my messages and rewards and yes i found the reward for the vanity and get it for my character, then checked on my inventory but haven’t got the reward for the skin. Checked already my vanities but still can’t find any skins for the holloween. :pensive:


What device are you playing on android, apple, or amazon?

Hi. I’m an apple user btw. My bad actually, maye because of the delay yeah i got the update now on the app store. Again, my bad. :grin:
Lastly, my concern now is the rewards, as i mentioned a while ago, i got the chest/reward for the holloween skin and get it for my character from messages and inbox, the thing is, there is no chest reward from mu inventory. Don’t know what happened actually but what i can assure is i had the chest even im not yet updating the app on the app store. Any reasons why i didn’t get the chest in my inventory though i got it from my messages and rewards? Thanks for response btw.

It will go directly into your vanity inventory. There will not be a chest added to your inventory screen.

Open your characters inventory, then look at the lower left part of the screen
You will notice 6 boxes with items in them, these are the items your character has equipped.
Directly to the right of this set of 6 boxes will be a tab called “vanity”
Press on that tab
Here you can equip individual vanity items for each vanity “slot” on your character.
The Bottom Left box is for “skins” and will have the Pumpkin head in it.

Sorry…this is kinda messy did it on my phone

I didnt get the free halloween thing it just disappeared (the chest)

Edit: shouldve looked at the post above first i had only checked the shop

I already updated the Game and get my Head Vanity .The new Set Affix is good specially the Neck :blush: Good for new builds…

But… I want to have a Skull Head, but it is too costly SAD . :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Yup. Thank you for the response.
The chest from messages for the holloween skin/pumpkin after getting it and checked from the inventory there is none. Also checked the vanity section but still no skin added. Maybe because i did get the reward chest first before i updated the game on the app store. Still haven’t got the skin for pumpkin but yeah, the skull head skin was cool. :fire:
Still, no skin for holloween because the chest dissapeared from the inventory. :pensive:
But nevermind. I do appreciate the fast response. Thanks and more powers! :+1:

Atcha, just PM me the email address you use for the DQ Account system and I will send you the vanity item directly!

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we have another Skin coming out tomorrow as well! I think you will like what you see…


Omg that pic is fabulous!

Good day,

I got the same problem when i open my message box for free vanity. It just disappear after i open it now i cannot see the new vanity in my inventory please help thank you. :blush::blush::blush:

TY DQ Devs for continuing to make this game one of my all time favs! :beers:

Are the Halloween vanity items not available pin Amazon?