Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes


They will be as soon as amazon approves the new patch. Should be tonight/tomorrow morning. Sorry for this delay, we hit a last minute snag that I didn’t catch on my end before the other two platforms were released.


Hi developers! It seems I have encountered the same issue as well. Done updating the game, saw the chest reward for “spooky jack”, claimed it but it’s not appearing on my inventory vanity list. Can i get some help as well please? Thank you. :slight_smile:


If update history is an indicator, patch will update on Amazon once I start playing a legend map. That has happened to me at least 3 times before. :grinning:


shoot me a pm with the email address you use for the DQ Account system, ill get it sorted.


It said New Halloween Vanity ItemS. But I only saw 1.


Hi developers why i cant install the new updated dq


dunno…what platform are you playing on?


The other comes out tomorrow…we cannot give out all the candy at once :smiley:


Android 5.1 lollipop i try to install it at playstore its always getting error i try to get the updated app from my brother but i cant install it



Just get the vanity but the revenant head was so goddamnly expensive about 150+ here in the phil. I should not buy this one “MAYBE” just maybe for now haha


This looks like a duplicate install issue. This probably means you have more than one version of dungeon quest installed on your device and it will not let you install the new version. You need to uninstall all copies of dungeon quest and then update from google play.

@Frayed I wish we could do localized pricing, but its more of a fault the older tech we used to build DQ than anything else. We will make sure we address this issue in the future!!


I suddenly forgot the interest of getting the vanities when I’ve read this!! :smile: awesome update! awesome! Wizards are going to be more interesting in this patch! ^ ^


Thank you for nice halloween head :slight_smile: But the thing I love the most is this:

Any News for the Next Patch?

yes! yes! :smile: that’s what I’m hunting for now. Gunnna remove that Specialist and Resource Cost then put some Mythic, Crystal affix, and lastly a flat ED+ wooh!


Bonus haunting?


I didn’t get the vanity item too, here’s my email I used in my dq acc. Hoping to get it soon cuz its cool


Your save game is an old version. You need to update your game before you can get the vanity items.


I got black borders from the update. Seems like the resolution is smaller than the screen. Running on iPhone SE…


I tried to clean all i reset but i cant fownload it