Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes


Is it on amazon?


I also have black borders like Kuf but on my Ipod touch 5th gen, hopefully this can get fix soon as possible. Did anyone else got the black borders after updating with ios version?


Me too i want that :blush:can you send me plsss


where s my gift i updated my app


I can’t update on amazon… but in my Messages and News it said the patch give’s new vanity but it’s not there :cry:


@kajfik000 Do you have to get that gear from monsters and what Fl is good to farm for it?


I my skin dissapeared after I claimed it from the mailbox, nowhere in my vanity. Could you send me one directly


@Soul_Reaper071601 It is a new rogue amulet, which drops from monsters past floor 200 at least on Legend Difficulty, so if you want the biggest chance of getting it, you must:

  1. Have a Rogue as a main character or hireling
  2. Farm maps 201 - 249 with Pack Size affix on Legend difficulty
  3. Max out luck and item drop
  4. Have a Nadroji set (ideally with Nadroji Bonus)
  5. Perform a Dark Ritual level VI or darker to our RNG God and level IX or darker to our Griffin God


How to avail the free vanities ?? I update the patch but didnt have the free :sob::sob:


I do this everyday :smile_cat:


I found one new item at floor 204 m3 :laughing::laughing:


Is it only for Rouge?




Is there any alternatif website or opinion how can i update to new patch please


Use jasper to change to the class you want


woohoo I got mine too. Kinda sucks that I cant change it but very happy indeed​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


How can we patch our DQ application?


If you have android device upgrade on the google play store

If you have an Apple device upgraded on the App Store

We are still waiting on approval from Amazon.


hmmm. looks like they dont have the ring with Hauntings dependent bonus :laughing:


No new pet or pet vanities? Was really hoping for it. Pfffttt.