Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes


You forgot to put in the changelog that you fixed Aethereal Drain’s mana regen. Now I’m suddenly too weak for level 500 : (

Are you sure that a simple 1% base mana restore on EC is enough to balance that 0 regen?

I have Glasscannon + ManaShield + 40% EC and my mana doesn’t last very long anymore…


If it is a bit harsh we will review it. We like to see if the changes made in some of these builds help create alternatives to the same style of build.

Thanks for the feedback as well!


Thanks updated first post.


Already received both vanity items, thank you so much developers! (Sorry for the late post)

It seems the issue was caused by an unstable connection from my end, here’s a tip when claiming reward chests: try uploading your save data on the server first, if it uploaded just fine, that means your connection is good enough to claim your reward chests.

Apps not updating from the playstore is a known issue, clearing the cache for google playstore fixes this most often than not.


Mana sheild nerfed too much :confounded:


I was really hoping for halloween themed pets and/or pet skins. Haven’t played for more than 2 weeks now. I just updated the app and look at the forums now and then to see what’s new.


Awesome new additions to the patch. I like the DMG number indicator for crushing blow because I could more accurately predict the enemies health at higher floors and my actual damage at that floor. Those Halloween vanities though lol. Looks cool. Overall, awesome patch.


I cant get free halloween skin.


Did you follow these steps:


Any word on when Amazon will adopt the current patch? I cannot play in Arena.


I think this issue is about the number of devices that amazon will allow our game to play on. They reduced the number of supported kindle devices when we released our last patch. For this upcoming patch (submitted to Amazon today) we tried to meet the criteria to support those older devices.

Fingers crossed this gets through their approval process tonight.


FYI, if it matters at all: I am playing via Amazon Fire TV box, pre-4k Technology.


That device should have no issue with patch 2.3.5…try uploading to the dq account system (to establish server connection) and try battle arena again.


Last update of the app was on November 26, 2016. Accessing the DQ account sync yields “New Version of Dungeon Quest required to login!”

Cannot find arena matches for now.


That is so weird…Can you upload your save game data to the DQ Account system at least? I will have a look at it on my end and see if I can repro this issue.