Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes



What does the bonus add?


@f00kee Is it really worth it? +100%dmg for 5 affixes (bonus + 4x clearcast)?


Uhhhmmm sirs i too did not receive the pumpkin head… I already updated and when i checked the vanity theres nothing there at all… What should i do?


What country are you playing from? To my knowledge we are only blocked from one country which would be China on the google play store.

It could be an oversight on my end if there are others I am not aware of.


I’m from BRUNEI (ASIA) some online game are not available for us to download except old patch, now i’m using 2.3.1 i’ve previously download it from website


Im in the Philippines … I claimed the reward but nothing came…


Love the game btw… Thanks for responding fast , i hope u sirs can help me with my problem


Well for some reason when i convert my crystals since i can’t seem to find them on Fl’s it will not give them to me when i convetert and i lost 2 jaspers last night when i tried to get them…


Send me your dq account email address in a DM/PM and I will get you taken care of.


Thanks for the masks they look sooooo cool ^~^


nice Eyeball me dont have :joy:


I only have the ball eye​:cry::cry:


I only have jack :frowning:


Sorry to here that if you email support I’m sure they will sort it out for you guys ^~^


free Multi Boost is what we ask for this halloween, that’s gonna be awesome!


I can’t get email … Help please



Do you mean you did not get an email to activate your DQ Account for the game?


There have no receive any massage…


Ok, DM me your dq account email address and I will resend.