Patch 2.3 - Features

We are days away from releasing a new content update to Dungeon Quest which brings new items, fixes, and balance changes, many of which have been highly requested by our players!

##New Pet Type: Slimes
For the first time ever since releasing our Pet System, we’re introducing a new type of Pet! Slimes come in 9 different forms, some more special than the others, but all equally as awesome. When equipping a slime, you get a boost to a specific Element’s damage and resistance, depending on which Slime you use.

Many of the Slimes have a chance to drop off Enslavers, while some will only be available in their Legend form, so keep a look out!

##New Practice Modes: Test Dummy and AI Mode
Many players have requested a way to test out their AI to see if they behave correctly. The AI Mode will allow players to let the AI take control, which should let players fine tune their settings more appropriately based on how their characters actually behave.

We are also introducing a “Test Dummy” mode which lets you furiously attack a defenseless character in the middle arena to your heart’s content. In this mode, a DPS number will pop up to let you know how much damage you deal per second. This should prove to be very efficient in showing your build’s damage potential!

##New Sets: Arcanist, Hunger, and Elements

With each new patch we like to introduce new sets that either helps improve a weak mechanic, or provides a new way to play.

  • Arcanist - Applies Arcane Debuff on all Crits. Each enemy with Arcane Debuff increases Total DMG by 4% per rank
  • Hunger - Increase Attack Spd and Reduced CD by 7.5% per rank while below 75% MP. When above 50% MP, MP Restoration effects takes MP
  • Elements - 7.5% per rank on cast to trigger the same spell for free with a different Element. Increase all individual resists by 25% per rank.

The idea for Arcanist was to help improve the Arcane element some, considering that other Elements had more sets dedicated to them. For Hunger, we basically wanted to create the opposite version of Masochism, which we thought was an interesting mechanic. And finally for Elements, we wanted another way to cast multiple Elements that was separate from the Prismatic Talent, and also improve using Individual Element Resists, rather than just boosting All Resist.

##Balance Updates
We’re always keeping an eye on what strategies are sets are too powerful or not powerful enough, so in 2.3 we’re making some updates to balance to help keep things interesting.

A few notable changes:

  • We noticed that Talent and Skill Affixes aren’t really interesting on items, and we were often not wanting to put them on new Legends because of this. So we doubled the max value of Talent and Skill Affixes on items from 5 to 10.
  • We’ve received feedback that Weaken and Clearcast are not really useful. For Weaken, we increased its max value by 300% and increased its cap to 200. For Clearcast, we gave it an additional effect of being able to reduce any skills cooldown immediately to 0.5s.
  • We nerfed Skyfall’s damage some.
  • Cerebal Vortex was way too powerful. We dropped this MP boost to 12.5% per rank and torrent duration down from 5s to 2s.
  • Living Force was very powerful, dropped it down from 50% to 20% to give room for other options.
  • Healing and MP Restoration was really powerful and percentage based heals/restoration was giving too much benefit to high HP or MP pool builds. We changed all percentage based heals/restoration to be based off “Base HP or MP values” which is Base Pool from Level + Invested Points in either Health or Mana.

##Coming Extremely Soon
The app update is already in review and we’ll be releasing it as soon as the review finishes! Once the patch is out we’ll keep an eye out for any issues that need immediate fixing, but will be at work creating some new and interesting content for our next update!

To see the full 2.3 patch notes, click here Patch 2.3 - Patch Notes


What about the candy bars?

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We melted them down into Slimes. Enjoy!


Get ready for… DUNGEON SLIME :custard:

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what about the 0 dot dmg?

… slime quest?

That works too

Can’t wait to catch them alll :smiley: I will have a slim army in no time muhahahahahah. This update is going be fun :slight_smile: glad about skyfall being nefd a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Story mode with quest item rewards would be awesome.

Monster spawn boost must have.

First slime (gift from message):

Wow… Can’t wait for the update… No new rewards for Battle Arena sir???

Didn’t play arena, only wandered around in game. Update is already available on android.

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Click on my name there are definitely new rewards for battle arena :sunglasses:

Can we set slime additional mechanic like pick up items like goblin does? or even find gold like dog? :neutral_face:

Or we can have 2 pets now? :grin:

Did mention in their full patch note: Patch 2.3 - Patch Notes

Well sorry. I haven’t read the patch notes before I commented. :sweat_smile:

New vanities for top players of Eternal League. Oh no. With a whole lot of cheaters in Battle Arena, the reward for me might be almost impossible to get.

9 slimes? I wonder what the other colored slimes give like that rainbow and black slime. So freaking excited…