Patch 2.3 - Features


give Rainbow effects :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is it the Eternal back or are there more rewards? Since it said “New Vanities” does it mean, the higher divisions will get different rewards?


Just the eternal backs for now :smile: don’t worry if you work really hard anyone can get them :wink:


Woot good thing you still get it if you drop back to Mythic, though I just got back to Eternal again just in case there were new rewards. Fought a few hackers in a row lol while getting there ._. just these few minutes ago…


Really? You got the new vanities by just re-entering Eternal League???


Sir. I think the fire slime is the only one that has boost fire while the other elements have 2 slimes skins. But I do think you might add like a Magma or Lava Slime. Hehehe…


No, i got the new vanit’y’(no ies) when i updated to 2.3. Like i said that you don’t have to be Eternal, you just have to have touched Eternal to unlock any current vanity(the eternal class ones+ this new neutral vanity). Before the update, i was dropped to Mythic from people beating me, so my ranking dropped and was demoted back to Mythic League. What I was saying was that it was a good thing that I unlocked the new vanity without having to get back to Eternal again. But I promoted back to Eternal because I thought there were new vanities beside this new neutral vanity.


You will not receive the new neutral vanities unless you reach top 3 in the world on current patch :smile: If you get the back with out doing so that is an unfortunate bug that will need patching

Patch 2.3 Eternal Vanity Bug

I thought so. Because I didn’t get anything eventhough I’m in Eternal League.


So is he very lucky? Dang.


… I don’t know it may be a bug not sure we’ll find out and patch it if it is


Do slime drop from Enslavers? Haven’t found a single one.


They do! but it’s a lower chance


yes they do they just have a very low drop chance ;-;


Like 1 percent chance? Hahaha. Gotta catch them all. Hahaha.


It felt like it for a while :stuck_out_tongue: but nah they have a higher chance then that now :smile:


It’s wayyyyy more than 1%, and wayyyyy less than 100%


But way lesser compared to getting the other pets? :sweat_smile:

Or just the same?


1 down. :smiley:


After maybe an hour of playing, the DQ Gods might have heard me and gave my first 2 slimes which are Legendaries. Hehe.