Patch 2.3 - Features


You can if you just focus purely on enslavers. I didnt, went for legend maps that took more than 1 minute per map. Average is like 15-20 second for enslaver to kill if you just focus only on finding and killing them. They are almost always top left or right corner. Find, kill, reload and repeat.


That’s what I’m doing finding killing and reloading map :smiley:


Nothing really magical. If you have boost.


I have crystal affix luck in both main and hire. I also have nadroji on my main. I guess since slime is ultra rare might as well have nadroji equipped.


I agree with them. I’m enslaver hunting. On floor 200+ because I still need XP to get to 99.


Damn. Haven’t found eternal pets ever.


The buff pet quest just needs 3 enslavers. You really don’t need 100 enslaver to make your pet have perfect affix.


Get yourself ascension for crystal/eternal and eternalized items for better eternal chance. Im running at 600% eternal chance while killing enslavers, but i miss 2 new eternalized items.


I did get the fortune perk. But I only have about 100% eternal chance. How to get that much? Eternalized?


Treasured ascension gives you +300% eternal and crystal items chance. Eternalized set gives you +50% chance per rank. 300 + 6x50 = 600.


Maybe got the numbers wrong. Hahaha. But really just got 300% increase drop chance. I should try that. Thanks for the tip sir.


But still bad luck at getting eternal pets.


Honestly don’t have any which I will use to make a build.


right, but I think it should have more things, new items, like many games today go riding, it would not be so bad to have in the game, both for sale for gold and money, just do not know how I was going gets gameplay of skill about it , nothing misplace new pets, more awards in the arena also cool serial, or a new class for more gameplay space of many users, so some think playing with me


please fix cyclone mythic. :expressionless:


Yeah the 8 dps bug still encounter that bug




Why the bullets now transferred to creep? in the previous version it worked fine … now my rouge with ricochet build sucks i cant farm anymore LoL


In the next patch can you add a dragon pet and a dragon boss and increase the lvl capacity I am a new player btw


we always waiting for the dragon pet :smile: