Patch 2.3 - Features


I want Void though because I have a poison element build.


Whats funny is that you can calcite them. So just wish for cooler slime sprites.


But it doesn’t really change their skills or skin.


Capped the stats in less than a day? Unbelievable


less in a day? he wrote one hour lol… i’ve killed around 100 enslavers with movementspeed build and monster spawn boost and got no single slime not even a magic one…


The more i think the mroe im sure something is not right. They are not that rare, i say maybe a 10% chance. Maybe something is glitched.


i want “1000 mp on hit” back


Nope no Glitches just bad luck


For me they are much more common than that, I get them like with ~20% chance not less than 1%.


Unbelievable? But not Impossible. I even have 5 now.


Guess I got so lucky to get 5. But lately though haven’t got a single slime.


Believe it or not after I asked about the drop rate of the slimes and played At the second floor around floor 200+ I was clearing I had the legend slime drop and equipped it immediately to lvl it up. And maybe ten floors I got another legend drop. Not really my fault to all the unlucky ones. ;p


you may have 5. but capping it in a day would be insane. how many enslavers a day? and how many hours of play?


1 hour monster spawn boost is enough with fast moving build to max the pet. I can kill 150~ enslavers in that time.


map level? does monster spawn boost guarantee enslaver in a map?


Campaign floor 200. Monster spawn guarantee enslaver and cartographer in every level.

Last monster spawn boost got me eternal slime, legend slime and legend electrified pet, together with ~ 120 enslavers killed.


Thanks for that info I will try that out later if got any money left in bank hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


But remember it guarantee only 1 legend pet (from feat). How many you will get while doing the feat depends on your luck.


Should I just farm floor 200 with boost or higher


Nope it doesnt.

i thought you can do 150.