Patch 2.3 - Patch Notes


Patch Notes

  • Major Features
    • Adding Test Dummy mode to Practice
      • Test dummy has 1 trillion HP and massive health regeneration
      • Timer set to infinite ( must manually quit )
      • Enemy will not attack
      • Enemy is equipped with no resistance gear
    • Adding AI Control mode to Practice, where AI controls your main character
    • New pet slimes!
      • Collect 9 types of slimes, each with their own new Legend slime
      • Can be purchased
    • Adding three new sets
      • Elements - 7.5% per rank on cast to trigger the same spell for free with a different Element. Increase all individual resists by 12.5% per rank.
      • Hunger - Increase Attack Speed and reduces CD by 5% per rank while below 75% MP. When above 50% MP, MP Restoration effects takes MP
      • Arcanist - Applies Arcane Debuff on all Crits. Each enemy with Arcane Debuff increases Total DMG by 4% per rank
  • Minor Features
    • Updating conversion process to allow for up to 1000 max, up from 25.
    • Updated Affix, Talent, Set, and Dictionary strings
    • Sort Warning Option added
    • Added 13 new legend items
    • Added new Vanities for top Eternal PVP players
  • Design
    • Buffs
      • Arc damage increased from 350% to 600%
      • Adjusting Skyfall's damage down
      • Clearcast changed to Gives (rank)% chance cast spells for free and reduce their CD to 0.5s
      • Weaken Max Values increased by 300%, capped increased to 200
      • All individual Skill and Talent increase affixes increased to 10 max, up from 5
    • Nerfs
      • Decreased Cerebral Vortex's MP Boost to 12.5% and the duration of the special Torrents are reduced to 2s
      • Decreasing Living Force's DMG on Return from 50% to 20%
      • Dropping shatter and enigma's crater damage to 25%
      • Lowering HP/MP on Hit heals by 37.5%
      • Converting all effects that Heal HP or MP by % to use Base HP or MP values (Base + Invested Health or Mana points )
      • Prayer converted to use Base HP
      • Mindful bonus lowered from 25% per rank to 5% 
    • Adjustments
      • Can no longer overwrite poison dot dmg with damage from toxic cloud more than once
      • Fury and Energy pools are equal to 10x Base MP instead of Total Mp
      • Re-enabling MP leech/hit effects for Fury and Energy
      • Energy boosts DMG based on missing Energy instead of current
      • All Regen heal per second instead of over 5s but halfed the values of all Regen effects.
      • Removing unintended knockback and stun chance from skills
      • Updating knockback/hit stagger effects to wait for animation to finish before moving to next state
      • Proc effects now use mainhand or offhand damage depending on the skill, instead of just mainhand damage
      • Giving all offhand abilities a minimum of 0.5 second cooldowns
      • Resource Cost Reduction/Increase calculated on character refresh, no longer on cast
      • Push the Limit now increases Fury/Energy costs
      • Barbarian now reduces Fury/Energy totals, in comparison to Fury/Energy costs
      • Using a 40 frame animation now for BlinkStrike
  • Bug Fixes
    • Using proper value now for Pierce Attacks from Zenith mythstone ( from 2% to 50% )
    • Command now properly casts taunt onto Minion
    • Fixing torrent spin at end of animation
    • Twisters go straight, again.
    • Fix for "Perks are still active after deleting an ascended hero"
    • Killswitch now functions properly
    • Deadly Strike requires Deadly Arts to reduce damage taken
    • Redirect Mythic now properly applies reflect damage on dodge/block
    • Check item can now fix item skills
    • Fix for no CD on controller HUD potions
    • Pet Skills section renamed to Perks
    • D-pad left now opens hireling inventory
    • Fix for "Editing maps"
    • Fix for "Earthshatter proc does not work until you use a MH skill first"
    • Fixing display error for Aetheral Drain's MP Boost to 25%
    • Fixing Alchemy's HP Restore functionality
    • Fixing Desperation's MP Restore functionality
    • Mana Shield now uses proper value for determining reflect damage

Patch 2.3 - Features
Patch 2.3 - Features
MP on hit points down
MP on hit points down
Level 79 Wizard needing help [Closed]
Poison and Crushing Blow
listed #3


We also know that EN (Energy) is malfunctioning a bit. This last bug was found too late and will get fixed in the next mini update.


Are there any progresses in the issue with the “ghost” monsters that will remain at 0 pv but will not die ?


If I remember good they told they can’t find what is causing that.


i want “1000 mp on hit” back…


The anti pogo update :smiley:


Got message to claim free Poison Slime pet and opened it, but couldn’t find it in inventory.

Anyone else have problem claiming it?


Message support. You probably had internet issues.


After playning quite a lot during the week-end, I got a big feedbacks regarding the patch: the updating conversion process is good, BUT it is still very tedious. When I have about 600 gems of one type, and I want to convert / salvage 375 of them (to get the feat), I still have to tap my screen 375 time. It would be way better to either be ablt to enter directly the number to convert/salvage, be able to leave the finger on the screen to continue the selection quicker, or change the max number so that it is either 500 or 375 (depending if the account has the Accomplished per active).

Otherwise, I’m very happy with the new sets :slight_smile:

Is there a way to expect a “autosell” feature in the future ? (typically when I don’t have an imp pet and want to sell automatically all the items below a certain rarity, sometimes I just need the money and I need to open the inventory to sell auto sell every 30 seconds of play)


Thank you very much for your feedback! I am sure the devs will be happy to hear them.


Hmm, i have a good suggestion on that, maybe implement a slider, it seems to be a good feature for touch screens.


you mean top 3 right? If yes it is a bug some player who reach eternal league also got the new Vanity.


Yes it is a bug we are trying to look into it.


There should be additional options to make convert / salvage easier… Like place an X to input manual number. However, I do agree with 375 / 500.

I just run through the map a second time to re-loot everything, beats opening inventory every 30 secs lol.