Patch - Patch Notes


Patch 2.4

Patch Notes

  • Features
    • Season 3 has started! Earn 3 new Back items for reaching Eternal!
    • New Skin: Ascendant
    • New Angelic Set: Heals Allies by .25 per rank of your Base HP when you hit an enemy. Skills with CDs below 1 second have 5% per rank DMG and APS bonus. 
    • Angelic Set can be rolled with Amethyst

  • Design
    • CC Immunities changed to % duration reduction for CC effects
    • Cooldown of dispel changed from 60 seconds to 10 seconds
    • Taunt's duration can now be affected by duration reduction
    • Blast's hero skill frequency increased by 100%
    • Blast now has a wider spread when using Multi Attack
    • Matching Trap's frequency with its beam at 1 per second
    • Both of Trap's frequencies are now affected by Hits Per Second modification
    • Increasing Trap's Damage from 175% to 300%
  • Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Luck Stat not properly calculating
    • Fixing issues with convert/salvage + default inventories
    • Fixing issue with salvage and refreshing inventory
    • Fix for issue adding reward chests when same type already exists in inventory
    • Fixing issue with desperation CD timer
    • Fix for paid Luck Boost
    • Fix for Map Affixes giving more bonus than listed
    • Fix for restoring Maps in the Admin tool
    • Fix: Periphery can trigger itself
    • Fix: Masochism can kill you

I kill myself by masochism

Very nice update thanks a lot for the free boosts :smiley: and that new skin looks soooooo cool I need to get it ^~^


Skin face looks awful but other stuff is awesome!


Love the blast changes can’t wait to mess around with them!


Great! Could you guys let us see the preview of the Wizard and Rouge equipped with Ascendand Skin?


The look the same :smile:


Sir how much points does it need to reach eternal arena…coz before having 1500 points your now in the arena but now I have 1700 points and I’m still in mythic…


Eternal league isn’t out yet every time a season restarts a certain player threshold has to be hit in order for eternal league to come out :smile:


Love the ascendant skin! The face reminds me of Gladiator movie combatant mask. Sweet! Once again hit it outta the park :+1:t2:


Yeah the blast changes rock, especially the MA effect! Trap Rogue gonna be tough in PVP :wink: The dispel cooldown is a game changer! Changed it from a derringer to a shotgun :flushed::smiley: Huge effect on survivability :+1:t2::beers:


Yup I haven’t seen how it was implemented yet and just how much of an increase it is but I was super excited to see it in there!


Sir I wonder what happened in my luck% even if I have 2 (225% luck) it’s still 100% but before its 800 i wonder if this is a part. Of the new update?


It’s a bug @tdaniel is working on getting a patch out for it ASAP :smile:


Does the bug change the actual effective luck% or is it just a stat page bug? If it actually effects luck, I guess I won’t farm tonight :flushed:


the stat page itself seems to register the correct amount of luck but people are reporting worse drops so quite possibly :T although it may just be confirmation bias :smile:


I think the. Bug. Works accurately coz like this the. Amount of item drop are worse even if your in 1k floor​:anguished::disappointed_relieved:


Sorry this image really needs some more info to be meaningful like your other gear or what difficult your on (you don’t need to post them the bug should be fixed soon either way) since floor number doesn’t affect item quality :smile:


You will make a great politician one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I mean that with the utmost respect :smirk:


Awww dang already sold my soul for better mythstone drop rates if only I’d waited :stuck_out_tongue:


Just checked Legendex for the Angelic set. Saw it listed under set affix. I didn’t find any Angelic gear listed. Guess that’s why they mentioned it can be rolled w Amethyst :nerd_face: